Weapons of Priest


Holly Herm

Holly Kronos

Holly Zeus

Holly Gaea

Holly Appollo

Holly Diana









Remove lines of healing spells to 0

(less line = faster cast)

Remove one line from two line spells

Used for making 71 insight armor

Remove two lines from three line spells

Make any spells with more than 3 lines 3 lines.


 Make any spells 2 lines.

Remove two lines from any spells.


( information here are not complete, you may find them else where except Appollo and Diana are said to be dropped only at Kas Mine)

Drop from Woodland wolves, Pravat Cave and Astrid

Drop at Woodland 9-1 to 14-1, and from goblin shamans at Astrid

Woodland 15-1 and up,

Deep Mileth crypt

Deep Abel Crypt( not sure what level)


Kas Mine upper level(noone seeks a zeus there seriously)

Kas Mine


Kas Mine


Kas Mine