A not so peaceful area of rolling hills and prestine trees, the East Woodlands is an ideal hunting ground for Aislings of all insights.  The woods themself contain many forested areas, a beautiful garden, and a barren wasteland, all inhabited by a wide variety of creatures and beasts.

Viper: A small, scaly reptile.  It has no legs yet moves itself by slithering across the ground.  Their jaws contain needle sharp fangs, but luckily the woodland Viper has no venom within it's glands.
HP Low: 54 Experience Low: 100 Level Low: 1 Location: Wasteland, E. Garden
HP Max: 240 Experience Max: 340 Level Max: 3 Items: Viper's Gland

Wasp: An insect with large wings.  These creatures have a sharp stinger attached to the end of it's lower body, certainly a threat to anyone who venture to near.  The Wasps are well known for their ability to make wax and honey, and such, they drop it often once defeated.
HP Low: 120 Experience Low: 220 Level Low: 2 Location: Wasteland, E. Garden
3-1, 4-1
HP Max: 1,800 Experience Max: 3,240 Level Max: 16 Items: Raw Honey, Raw Wax, 
Royal Wax, Bee's Sting

Mantis:  Terrible insect with enourmous slashing claws.  Beware of the serrated edges of these beasts, they will easily rip through flesh and armor
HP Low: 220 Experience Low: 260 Level Low: 3 Location: Wasteland, E Garden
3-1 through 6-1
HP Max: 4,750 Experience Max: 4,950 Level Max: 27 Items: Mantis' Eye

Wolf:  Canine with powerful jaws.  Nimble and strong wolves tend to hunt in packs, preying upon Aisling's who stray far from their group.  Although dangerous, if you happen to defeat a wolf, the different parts of it's pelt may be sold to the Martial Arts trainer in Abel for a bit of coinsare.
HP Low: 1,200 Experience Low: 2,640 Level Low: 14 Location:3-1 through 8-1
HP Max: 7,000 Experience Max: 9,000 Level Max: 37 Items: Wolf's Skin, Wolf's Fur,
Wolf's Locke

Kobold: Half wolf, half Mundane, these intelligent beasts hunt with sharp and sometimes poisoned knives.  Known well for their cunning and dexterity.
HP Low: 2,500 Experience Low: 6,240 Level Low: 25 Location:5-1 through 10-1
HP Max: 12,000 Experience Max: 13,000 Level Max: 46 Items: Kobold's Skull

Goblin Soldier
Goblin Soldier: Light infantry unit of the goblin race, armed with light armor, and a club, goblin soldiers pack a punch, but are slow to when it comes time to think.
HP Low: 8,000 Experience Low: 11,000 Level Low: 37 Location:7-1 through 12-1
HP Max: 19,000 Experience Max: 20,000 Level Max: 56 Items: Goblin's Skull

Goblin Warrior
Goblin Warrior: Armed with a battle axe and heavy armor, Goblin Warriors are a force to be reckoned with.  They will not hesitate to start a fight.
HP Low: 11,000 Experience Low: 18,000 Level Low: 45 Location: 9-1 through 14-1
HP Max: 25,000 Experience Max: 25,000 Level Max: 66 Items: Goblin's Skull

Goblin Guard
Goblin Guard: Defensive unit armed with chainmail and a light mace.  Goblin Guards tend to sneak up on their targets while Goblin Warriors attack their fronts.
HP Low: 14,000 Experience Low: 25,000 Level Low: 55 Location: 11-1 through 16-1
HP Max: 45,000 Experience Max: 38,000 Level Max: 77 Items: Goblin's Skull

Hobgoblin: Close cousin to the goblin race, these ugly brutes attack with wooden clubs.  Hobgoblin strength is unsurpassed by any of their kind.
HP Low: 19,000 Experience Low: 35,000 Level Low: 65 Location: 13-1 through 18-1
HP Max: 48,000 Experience Max: 47,000 Level Max: 86 Items: Goblin's Skull

Shrieker: A cursed plant with glimmering rows of teeth.  Shriekers will release their spores and pollen to poison and put their enemies to sleep.  Be aware when around these creatures.
HP Low: 31,000 Experience Low: 46,000 Level Low: 72 Location: 15-1 through 20-1
HP Max: 65,000 Experience Max: 52,000 Level Max: 96 Items: Flower

Wisp: A minute creature that eminates a spectacle of light from it's body.  No Aisling has ever seen it's true body.
HP Low: 30,000 Experience Low: 58,000 Level Low: 85 Location: 17-1 through 20-1
HP Max: 74,000 Experience Max: 71,000 Level Max: 97 Items: None

Faerie: Close relatives of the ancient race of the Faes, but much more hostile.  These Faeries which reside deep within the woodlands use magic to no relent, definatly the most lethal creature within the East Woodlands.
HP Low: 55,000 Experience Low: 69,000 Level Low: 95 Location: 19-1 through 20-1
HP Max: 75,000 Experience Max: 79,000 Level Max: 99 Items:  None