The war between the Goblins and the Grimlocks have gone on for countless Deochs, both races often asking Aisling's to help them collect the maddening rocks from within the cave.  Many have perished in this terrible war, and with no end in sight, so shall many more.

Grimlock Prole
Grimlock Prole: The lowest stone of Grimlock Society the Prole works aimlessly at finding the mind-bending rocks the lay within Pravat.  Weak minded and weak bodied through years of malnutrition.
HP Low: 900 Experience Low: 4239 Level Low: 15 Location: Prole Grounds, 
Pravat Shallow
HP Max: 2k Experience Max: -- Level Max: -- Items:  Raw Beryl

Grimlock Worker
Grimlock Worker: Workers mine the Cave of it's precious gems and minerals to give as gifts to their Queen, Phailin.  Although not overly aggresive, they will ocassionally assault an unsuspecting passerby.
HP Low: 950 Experience Low: 4230 Level Low: 20 Location: Pravat Shallow,
Pravat Hearth, Pravat Works
HP Max: 4,000 Experience Max: 6200 Level Max: 24 Items:  Raw Beryl, Raw Coral, 
Raw Ruby

Grimlock Soldier
Grimlock Soldier: The main staple of the Grimlocks defense from Goblin raids. Using Light Daggers they stab their opponents into submission.
HP Low: 5,000 Experience Low: 8,500 Level Low: 33 Location: Pravat Shallow, 
Pravat Works, Pravat Hearth,
Pravat Deep
HP Max: 12,000 Experience Max: 13,000 Level Max: 38 Items:  Raw Beryl, Raw Coral, 
Raw Ruby

Grimlock Warrior
Grimlock Warrior:  Fierce warriors of the Grimlock, yelling their battle cries as they charge madly at their enemies.  Slashing with their curved knives, often coated with poison, the Grimlock Warrior should not be engaged with an easy battle in mind.
HP Low: 6,000 Experience Low: 12,000 Level Low: 33 Location: Pravat Works, Pravat Hearth
HP Max: 16,000 Experience Max: 16,000 Level Max: 48 Items:  Raw Beryl, Raw Coral, 
Raw Ruby

Goblin Soldier
Goblin Soldier: Using their clubs to deliver stunning blows to an opponent, the Goblin Soldier preys upon the weak, often ambushing from within the darkness of the many caverns of Pravat Cave.
HP Low: 7,500 Experience Low: 7,500 Level Low: 35 Location: Pravat Shallow,
Pravat Works, Pravat Hearth,
Pravat Deep
HP Max: 10,000 Experience Max: 11,000 Level Max: 40 Items:  Goblin's Skull

Goblin Warrior
Goblin Warrior:  Vile warriors of the Goblin race. Skilled in fighting with different kinds of axes, the Goblin Warrior kills without remorce, often striking opponents in the back or while in retreat.
HP Low: 12,000 Experience Low: 15,000 Level Low: 50 Location: Pravat Works, Pravat Deep, Pravat Hearth
HP Max: 16,000 Experience Max: 21,000 Level Max: -- Items: Goblin's Skull

Draco Hatchling Draco Hatchling: The children of the ancient Dracos.  These creatures, although just hatchlings, should be avoided unless you truly wish to die.  Very swiftly they overcome any threats to their homes using their razor edges talons, horns and teeth to tear apart any creature, be it Goblin, Grimlock or Aisling alike.
HP Low: 15,000 Experience Low: 60k Level Low: 65 Location: Pravat Deep
HP Max: 45,000 Experience Max: -- Level Max: -- Items:  Draco Jaw