The Mileth Crypt is thought to be the burial ground of many decorated Mileth soilders and war heros of the Shadow's War.  It is wraught with many horrors of the dead and creatures of the night.  I explored as far as I could, through the many depths of the tomb.  I went as far as twenty-seven floors by my count.  Although it seemed like the end, I could still sense that there was somthing more lurking beneath.

Rat: The rat is a vermin creature that can be found infesting the first floors of the Crypt.  Most of it's life is spent gathering mold and rotting food for sustinance and so drops some of this collection when defeated.  An ideal creature to fight for the beginning Aisling.
HP Low: 25 Experience Low: 100 Level Low: 1  Location: Floors 1 through 2
HP Max: 250  Experience Max: 340  Level Max: 3 Items: Mold, Rotten Foods

Spider: A perilous insect which weaves its webs on the first floors of the crypt.  Beware for some of these creatures venom can be toxic to young Aislings.
HP Low: 140 Experience Low: 180 Level Low: 2 Location: Floors 1 through 4
HP Max: 1500 Experience Max: 2040 Level Max: 17 Items: Spider's Eye, Spider's Silk

Centipede: A fearsome insect with numerous legs and sharp fangs... certainly a creature to be wary of when first entering the crypt.
HP Low: 210 Experience Low: 260 Level Low: 3 Location: Floors 1 through 6
HP Max: 2600 Experience Max: 3080 Level Max: 21 Items: Mold, Centipede's Gland

Bat: Sometimes called the flying rat, the bat won't hesitate in attacking unsuspecting Aisling's who venture to close to their lairs.
HP Low: 1300  Experience Low: 2250 Level Low: 14  Location: Floors 3 through 8
HP Max: 4000 Experience Max: 6250 Level Max: ?? Items: Bat's Wing

Scorpion: This creature is armed with many natural weapons ranging from it's vice like claws, razor sharp fangs and it's lightning-quick stinger.  The stinger can strike an Aisling before knowing what hit them and render them paralized as the venom begins to flow through their veins.
HP Low: 3300 Experience Low: 6240  Level Low: 25 Location: Floors 5 through 10
HP Max: 11,000 Experience Max: 13,000 Level Max: 47 Items: Scorpion's Sting

Great Bat
Great Bat: Dreaded winged creature far larger than the smaller of the species, these beasts can pierce the night with their wicked screeching and need no light to find their target.
HP Low: 8,000 Experience Low: 11,000 Level Low: 35  Location: Floors 7 through 14
HP Max: 18,000 Experience Max: 18,000 Level Max: 57 Items: Great Bat's Wing

Chest: A cursed treasure chest... it's structure penetrated by evil spirits,  through the process growing legs and sharp rows of teeth.
HP Low: 11,000 Experience Low: 13,000 Level Low: 45 Location: Floors 9 through 18
HP Max: 23,000 Experience Max: 24,000 Level Max: 66 Items: Coins

White Bat
White Bat: Albino bats found deep within the Crypt.  Although not as large as Great Bat's, their strength and swiftness can be a suprise to ignorant Aislings.
HP Low: 19,000 Experience Low: 23,000 Level Low: 55 Location: Floors 11 through 22
HP Max: 29,000 Experience Max: 34,000 Level Max: 77 Items: White Bat's Wing

 Kardi: Kardi's were thought to have come from rats who ventured into the depths of the crypt, and the evil they met there warped their bodies and changed them.  This change resulted in Kardis.
HP Low: 21,000 Experience Low: 35,000 Level Low: 65 Location: Floors 15 through 26
HP Max: 35,000 Experience Max: 45,000 Level Max: 86 Items: None

Marauder:  Small, bird like creatures.  Marauders attack with what seems to be a long beak at the front of it's body.
HP Low: 20,000 Experience Low: 45,000 Level Low: 75 Location: Floors 19 through 27
HP Max: 61,000 Experience Max: 59,000 Level Max: 91 Items: None

Succubus: The phrase "Beauty is only skin deep" certairly applies to these dreaded creatures of the night.  Succubi were even thought to one time be Aisling's whom decended into darkness never to return. These mistresses of the dark are certainly a force to be reckoned with.  With the ability to charm its opponents with their power of seduction until they are close enough to spray a toxic substance into the faces of Aislings.
HP Low: 27,000 Experience Low: 60,000 Level Low: 85 Location: Floors 21 through 31
HP Max: 66,000 Experience Max: 74,000 Level Max: 96 Items: Succubus Hair

Wraith:  Malignant horrors of the Cthonic Realm, they are the servants of Chadul himself.  These creatures should be avoided at all costs less they claim your soul.
HP Low: 60,000 Experience Low: 75,000 Level Low: 97 Location: Floors 27 through 31
HP Max: -- Experience Max: -- Level Max: -- Items: None