Specialty Apparel: Political Garments of Rucesion

In return for political service, the Mundanes of Rucesion craft uniforms and other garb for the political officials of the town. The official color of Rucesion politicians (which is the same as the banner of Rucesion) is blue.

The Judges of Rucesion have the most elaborate garb. Female judges wear long flowing satin robes. The skirt and sleeves are embroidered in silver and green.

Female Burgesses of Rucesion wear a red silk underskirt with a blue silk open-cut dress. It is embroidered with gold and the tall portrait collar is covered with white lace.

The Demagogues of Mileth also wear ornate official clothing. They wear bright angelica blue velvet capes lined with ermine and matching blue silk scarves.

The Guard Captains and Guards of Rucesion wear blue-embossed leather uniforms over kasmanium chain mail and broad, ornately tooled brown leather belts.

The uniforms and garb of Mileth officials is similarly impressive. Please flip to that page for illustrations.