Male Priest Apparel: The Hierophant

The Hierophant may be worn by male Priests who have gained seventy-one or more Insights. The elegant cut of the coat conveys stature without restricting freedom of movement. The Plain Hierophant is crafted by the Mundanes with spirulina, angelica, hyssop and chicory. The four dyes available at various other locations require significant Aisling labor. The Suomi variant is dyed with chicory, hyssop and paola nut. The Rucesion variant is dyed with spirulina, paola nut, bittersweet and angelica. The Mileth variant is dyed with spirulina, capsic bark, bittersweet and paola nut.

Unfortunately at this writing, the Mundanes in Piet are being very secretive about the dyes used to create that variant. If anyone consulting this manual has worked with them to create a Loures Hierophant, please contact Raeven or Maiala to add your knowledge to this manual.