Character Generator v5.01

Plan your future character or complete your existing one;
the generator tells you which skills/spells you can learn
and which stats are perfect for your collection of skill/spells

</COMMENT> No Java 2 support for APPLET!! programmed by Melian (c) 2001


1. choose your character class (warrior, rogue, priest, wizard, monk)
2. choose the skills/spells from the left list, which your character should have or already have
3. if your character is insight 2+ choose 'set_minimal_stats' and enter the base stats
4. choose if your character has or will have access to 1 or 2 signet rings, or dwarven or orcish helmet
5. choose if your character has done half (+1 every stat) or full (+2 every stat) adoration quest (the additional points have to be included in the minimal stats you entered before)
6. if you plan to do the quest in the future, choose 'planning' (your minimal stats will be increased by that, depending on either half or full adoration)
7. if you choose a monk character, choose which forms you want to use to optimize your stats
8. at last choose the statpoint-priority (see below at 'stats-priorities')
9. the perfect stats you will have at insight 99 (might include adoration points!) will be displayed below the skill/spell lists
10. below these perfect stats you see how many points you will have to put to certain stats (important for existing characters or adoration-planning, to not put too many points)
11. if the number at 'left_Statpoints' is 0 or positive, your character is able to learn all the chosen skills/spells together
12. if the number is negative, try to move some skills/spells back from the (right) 'learned' list back to the left list
13. if you found your perfect skill/spell collection, add the left statpoint virtually to wherever you want (f.e. to strength for warriors)
14. finally you have your perfect stats

stat manipulating specials so far:

1. 8 wearable once consecrated items
2. up to 2 not consecrated signet rings
3. dwarf helm
4. orc helm
5. hybrasil belt
6. once consecrated enchanted boots
7. once consecrated gold, ruby or coral earrings
8. ceannlaidir entreat spell or kelberoth stance
9. stat points from rare event eulogy-redemption-adoration
10. optimizing stats through form changing by monks only
11. option to change adding point priority manually

missing Features:

1. automatical calculation of perfect stats for class-subpaths (sub-pathing is a too much changing factor, all points, 20 points, etc.)
2. extra statpoints from several masterclass items (due to lack of knowledge about all these items)
3. consecrated signet rings (no player will consecrate his signet rings, to avoid making them perishable)


when calculating perfect stats, and if there are missing points to learn chosen skills/spells, points are added to the different stats, which are needed by the most skills/spells.
if ambiguous, using a certain priority.
for each path there is a different priority-list set to default, changeable through 'set_priority'.
those default setting are:
(sorted from 'most needed' to 'less needed')
1.warrior: STR, CON, DEX, WIS, INT
2.monk: CON, STR, WIS, DEX, INT
3.rogue: CON, WIS, DEX, STR, INT
4.priest: WIS, INT, CON, DEX, STR
5.wizard: WIS, INT, CON, DEX, STR

known bugs:

1. none