The Need to Know on Fas Nadur

and other Nadur Magics

by Larsius in Dark Ages

The three dark sages were wise when they worried about these secrets falling into the hands of the kobolds. They are dangerous enough already in our own hands. This is actually one of the reasons that the enchantments were weakened was that they were being used without knowledge and without thought. So then please head my words and be wise with the magics fas nadur offers. Ok, to start off I'm going to explain really briefly what Fas nadur does. We all know that a srad goblin is weak to sal attacks, when you chant fas nadur on that goblin they are much much more vulnerable to sal strikes. But on the same scale they are that much more protected from athar. So while I throw water at the goblin my brother wizards lighting falls right off. These powers are not limited to just spells however. Aislings, and creatures have elemental offensive aids, and elemental defensive aids. We wear necklaces and belts. It isn't known to us what the creatures of the world use to gain these aids. Fas nadur affects this also. Fas Nadur will only affect the defensive element of its target. So if your hunting with a warrior and they have a sal necklace and the goblin has a defensive srad element then you chant fas nadur on the goblin. Chanting fas on another aisling will never make them do more damage to a target. What gives Fas Nadur the potential to be such a powerful tool are elemental aids of dark. If you are hunting with a warrior and they are wearing a dark necklace all four other elements are weak to them so you can chant fas nadur on all of their targets making the warrior's job much easier. If you or anyone else are wearing a dark belt you have a defense that is strong against all elements. If fas nadur is chanted on an aisling while that aisling is wearing a dark belt they will be nearly immune to most spells and even strong against almost all physical damage. Never, ever use Fas Nadur on an aisling that isn't wearing a dark belt. You put them in grave risk by doing this because there is know way to know if their next target will be a srad creature, or a sal. Naturally if one is wearing a srad belt this makes a large difference. Also unless you know that an aisling is wearing a dark necklace you should never chant fas nadur on their targets. If you do there is a large chance that the aisling will no longer be able to harm their target. It might not sound like it but there are intelligent, if somewhat complicated, ways of using fas nadur to your advantage without needing expensive and rare dark equipment. These tactics are purely offensive so keep in mind that no matter what never chant fas nadur on any aisling who isn't wearing a dark belt. Any wizard prefers hunting in a group. Lowers the death rate and gives Sgrios less house guests. If you want to use fas nadur in a hunt there are two situations where it can be of value. Both use the balance of opposite elemental offences.

The first technique is for when you're hunting with warriors, monks, or anything else that scores physical strikes on the targets and if affected by the offensive element of their necklace. All you have to do is make sure you melee fighters have opposite elemental necklaces to each other. Such as one with sal and the other with athar, or one with srad and the other creag. Naturally the ideal group would be to have four melee fighters each with a different elemental offence. As we all know sometimes wizards end up hunting with other wizards and avoid melee combat completely. To use fas nadur in this situation make sure you and your partner wizard are of opposed elements. Srad wizards hunt with creag wizards, sal with athar. From personal experience these groups get crowded sometimes so try for the greatest diversity of elements available as it will increase the effectiveness of your fas nadur. The reason these tactics work is the elemental table. Against each other these opposed elements are neutral and their affects cancel each other out. But by looking at the table you can see that while creag is strong on sal srad is weak on it. But in reverse creag is weak on athar while srad is strong against it. By using the described tactics you will reap the added power to your spells that fas nadur offers by achieving balance. If one element is weak to the target your partner will be easily able to dispatch it. The other technique to using fas nadur is to use it in conjunction with an elemental nadur spell, such as srad nadur. But first before we get into this let me clear up how elemental nadur magics work. What these spells do it alter the defensive element of the target to whatever element is determined in the title of the spell. Therefore srad nadur gives a creature the defensive element of srad making it vulnerable to sal and resistant to athar. Standard, mor, and ard elemental nadur spells all have the exact same effect on the target. Duration, power of the effect and range is not affected. The only difference to the three levels of these spells is the amount of mana consumed in chanting them. This amount consumed lowers as the compilation of the spell grows. ((100 for standard, 50 for mor, and 5 for ard)) These spells have no duration in that you will notice they can be endlessly casted upon on target. The creature will not revert to its original defensive element until it leaves the sight of the caster. Once the caster can no longer see the target it will revert to its original element and the spell must be chanted again. The power of the effect is not quantitative so besides the change in element nothing will change here. All of these elemental nadur spells require the caster to touch the target so range can in no way be affected. As one perfects the chanting of this spell ((raises it's level, i.e. 34/70)) it's rate of success at changing the target's defense element increase. The least known part of the elemental nadur spells are what sort of target they will work on. Because of the way these magics interact what is required is for your target to be less insightful than you. Also these spells don't work on other aislings. Some monks have the ability to determine just how insightful a monster is so keep an eye out of their aid. General you'll find creatures of a similar insightfulness in one area as they get along well. The three steps to this technique are fairly simple. All that needs to be done is to get close and cast an elemental nadur weak to your elemental school upon it. Next if the target isn't hostile you will have time to cast fas nadur upon it. If it's hostile take the strikes or find cover while keeping the creature in sight. Once fas nadur has been cast you can chant your own spells for a catastrophic effect on your target. This technique is only for soloing or hunting with a small party of wizards of all the same element. Because the creatures will be less insightful than the caster of the elemental nadur you won't be able to learn as much from them. And with the distractions of a group you will learn even less, the larger the group the less learned until quickly you've gained nothing from your hunting and exploration. If you choose to attempt this style of hunting alone make sure to have a dark belt and cast fas nadur on yourself. Without this added protection you will still be easy prey to the powerful magics wielded by the creatures in our world. Be wise in your use of our new magics. The lives of our fellow Aisling are at stake. The gods have granted us some pardon from our hardships by allowing the three dark wizards to find the dark book in the depths of the crypts. If we abuse these powers mayhap the goblins and kobolds will learn them from our use, mayhap the gods will find these new magics too much of a danger to aislinghood and revoke their gift. Walk the path if wisdom and ginosis friend wizard and use Lauthas's good judgement in the use of our new magics.

Larsius Vespers

Acadame Regent

Demagogue of Rucesion

The Emerald Mage