Hello Aisling. I am Alexios, armorer and jeweler of Undine. The tailor Hali, and I, can help you with improvements on your equipment.
Avel, the weaponsmith has closed up his shop since Loures took over.
Smithing and Tailoring Services in Undine
Hali - Tailor
* Male Tailoring - Improve male armor or clothing.
* Female Tailoring - Improve female armor or clothing.
Rogues, Warriors or Monks with the Tailoring skill may use these services.

* Note: Items improved through Tailoring require higher insight to use, and may be perishable.

Note: Armor Dyeing, Sword Smithing, and Soori Smithing services are not available here.
Alexios - Armorer
* Fix Item - Repairs selected item, fee based on value of item, and extent of damage.
* Fix All Items - Repairs all items, fee as above.

* Smith Ring - Creates a ring, from finished gems (i.e. Coral Ring).

A rogue Gem Smith may use this service ((Gem Smith appears on their legend, after practicing Gem Polishing a number of times)).