Undine mundanes don't have the same minor problems that other towns do. But, maybe, an Aisling could help to bring back our lost children.

Undine Quests

Children of Undine - I can tell you a lot about this. My father, Hesperos was lost trying to save the children who were kidnapped by the Goblins of Astrid.
* Reconnaisance - Perhaps you could find a route along the roads in Astrid, and tell us about how the Goblin's forces are moving.
* Attacking - Only a powerful Aisling could hope to attack the Goblins who kidnapped the Undine Children.
* Rescue - An Aisling who understood the Goblin's Secrets might be able to find out where the children are, and rescue them. You might have to sneak them out one at a time.

Ascension Legend - Kiril, the wizard may be able to tell you something about the Ascension Legend. I've heard that an Aisling may master their path through Ascension, maybe that's what it's about.