((Much of this section will be OOC))
Fair Day. I'm "Grampa" Bartley. I help teach new Aislings
in the Dark Ages Tutorial. All Aislings come through here, though Registered Aislings may skip it if they want to. You shouldn't skip it though, or you'll miss several great rewards.

After the voice guides you, through learning about walking, and picking up items, and all, you'll come to me. I show you a few useful things about your status, and I also teach the skills Look, and Assail, and the secret Nis.

Then you'll meet Eadaoin, the tutorial baker. She buys Apples for 2 gold, and sells Apples for 5 gold. She also teaches you about communicating with other Aislings, joining groups, and such.

In her basement, you'll meet Flynn. He can teach you a lot about combat, and will give you a chance to do some fighting. He buys Small Mold for 5 gold. The mice in the basement drop Small Mold, so it's pretty convenient.

Next is Keelin, the Fae Priestess. She'll teach you about reading signs, and reading and posting on grey slates. The message board in her area contains a few wonderful bits of advice from Demagogues who have entered the Tutorial as "Tutorial Mentors". Not too many people stop to read that board, but you should. Only Demagogues are allowed to post on it.

Finally, there's Raghnall, the wise man. He can tell you about paths, and about finding an Aisling guide. If you register after completing the Tutorial, you may return to this point, by speaking to a Mileth mundane. Raghnall will give newly registered Aislings 5000 experience, 1000 gold, Boots, a Dirk, a Small Spinel Ring, and a Small Emerald Ring. Note: these rings are perishable.

Any Aisling who has achieved Respected Citizen or higher status may return to the Tutorial as a "Tutorial Mentor" to help brand new Aislings with any questions we mundanes can't answer. Demagogues may post on the board, as I said. Remember though, to be respectful of new Aislings and help make their first experience in Temuair enjoyable.