These are the abilities a monk may learn in Suomi. Each master will require something of you, which you will discover when you are ready. Monks may also learn Creature Forms here, at my training hall.
((listed as follows: Name of Skill - Str,Int,Wis,Con,Dex required))
Fisk - Rogue master
Food Lore - 3,9,7,3,3
Martial Awareness - 8,12,11,14,14

Bertil - Fae Priestess
Herbal Lore - 3,5,5,8,6

Bertil - Fae Priestess
Mentor - 5,14,30,9,5

Hadrian - Wizard
Puinneag Beatha - 3,22,22,18,18

Creature Forms and Abilities:
Trained by fellow Monk - 5,5,5,5,5
Trained by Berg - 10,10,10,10,10

Draco Form
Draco Stance, Draco Tail Kick, Snort

Kelberoth Form
Kelberoth Stance, Kelberoth Strike, Roar

Scorpion Form
Scorpion Stance, Sting, Trance

White Bat Form
White Bat Stance, Dark Spear, Echolocation