Greetings, Aisling. I am Kyros, Sabonim of the monastery
at Sapphire Stream. Monks may come to our monastery to learn the secrets of the Dugon.
Learning a Dugon - Monks may come to the monastery, to learn a Dugon. A Dugon is colored headband, crafted by the monk. It is also a measure of status among monks.

* Sabonim - A Sabonim is a fellow monk, who will assist in learning the Dugon. This monk is called your Sabonim, you are called the monk's Hubae. A Hubae is a student. You may learn a Dugon without a Sabonim, but it is very difficult ((it costs a great deal of experience points)). If you wish to learn a Dugon without a Sabonim, I will instruct you myself.

* Hubae - Most higher level Dugons require that the monk has been a Sabonim to a certain number of Hubae.

* Requirements for learning each Dugon:

Color - Insight - Hubae
White ----- 11 ------ 0
Green ----- 22 ------ 0
Blue ------- 33 ------ 4
Yellow ---- 44 ------ 8
Purple ---- 55 ----- 16
Brown ---- 66 ----- 32
Red -------- 77 ----- 64
Black ------ 88 ---- 128
* Challenges - For each Dugon, the monk must defeat an appropriate creature. For example, to learn the White Dugon, the monk must defeat a Bat. The monk must deal the final blow, but may have aid.

* Meditation - Once the monk has defeated the creature, the monk must return to the monastery to meditate by the Sapphire Stream. The monk must walk to the appropriate stone, and then meditate perfectly. Your Sabonim will instruct you on proper meditation. Meditation requires two days of your time.

* Crafting the Dugon - The monk and Sabonim must then go into the grove of the appropriate Dugon, and speak to the mundane Sabonim, there, to craft the Dugon. This mundane will also teach secrets appropriate to the Dugon. Special items are required to craft the Dugon, and also, to learn the secrets.

The Dugon will make you more powerful in combat, and show your status as a monk. Learning the Dugon will also appear on your legend.

Speak to me at Sapphire Stream, or to a fellow monk, for more information.