Hello Aisling. I am Gabriela, Luathas Shrine Maiden. At
the north entrance of Rucesion, you will find the Shrine of Luathas, the God of Divine Knowledge. Below is a list of
the services that I can assist you with.

((Unregistered characters must be admitted by a Priest))
Gabriela - Shrine Maiden

Luathas Fellowship - This is used by Luathas Priests, initiate worshippers, give the mass, and award religious geas.

Luathas Prayer - Any who worship Luathas, or his allies, Cail and Gramail, may pray here.
* Supplicate - Ask Luathas for special goods, or a blessing, if he is willing.
* Entreat - Demand special goods or a blessing from Luathas.
* Seek Guidance - Ask advice of Luathas.
* Give Thanks - Give thanks to Luathas, and increase faith.
* Praise Another - Praise an Aisling, increasing their faith.

Luathas Consecration - Luathas Priests may give an item Luathas's blessing. Higher degree Priests may create a prayer necklace or holy staff. ((Luathas items grant +1 Int))

Luathas Desecration - This is used by Luathas Priests and Acolytes, to increase their faith by destroying items consecrated to Luathas's enemies, Ceannlaidir and Deoch.

Luathas Degree - Worshippers and Priests may use this to increase their degree, or to leave our Fellowship. Only members of the "Priest" path may become Luathas Priests. Members of other paths may become Worshippers or Acolytes.

Luathas Order - Luathas Priests may admit temple guests, banish troublemakers from Luathas's shrine, or excommunicate heretical Worshippers.

Gods - I will tell you all I can about the Gods of Temuair.