I'm Braz. I run the Black Market in Rucesion. I buy
wares not bought elsewhere, I stock goods you won't
find in stock elsewhere. My prices are high, because of
the risky business, but I'm sure I can find what you need.
((Only Rogues Insight or higher may enter))
Black Market
Banking Service:

* Deposit Money - Deposit as much or as little as you want.
Free service.
* Withdraw Money - Withdraw some or all of your money.
Free service.
* Deposit Item - Bank will hold Identified items which are in good condition.
Cost based on value of item.
* Withdraw Item - Take out an item you have deposited, if you have room to carry it.
Free service.

On Banking - Goods and money deposited at a shop with bank service, may be withdrawn, free of charge, from any other bank in Temuair. Items to be deposited must be identified, and must be fully repaired. Some rare or unusual items may not be accepted, including any items which may not be dropped ((i.e. Guard Uniform, Holy Glioca, Penta Quest armor, etc.)).

Other Services:
* Message Board - Post messages to buy or sell your goods. Free service.

*Note: I don't buy back anything I sell.
*Goods for Sale
Spinel Ring 45000 (lvl 11, Hit 2, HP 500)
Emerald Ring 54000 (lvl 12, Dam 2, HP 500)
Jade Ring 100000 (lvl 16, HP 300, MP 150)
Iron Gauntlet 90000 (lvl 33, Wt 3)
Two-Handed Claidhmore 418500 (lvl 71, Wt 45)
Wine 500
Rucesion Song 5000
Beryl Fragment 5000 (listed under "Buy Gem")
Coral Fragment 7500 (listed under "Buy Gem")
Ruby Fragment 10000 (listed under "Buy Gem")
Fior Srad 500 (listed under "Buy Fior")
Fior Creag 500 (listed under "Buy Fior")
Fior Athar 500 (listed under "Buy Fior")
Fior Sal 500 (listed under "Buy Fior")

*Goods Bought
Wolf's Skin 600
Wolf's Fur 700
Wolf's Teeth 4000
Kobold's Skull 1250
Goblin's Skull 1500
Wooden Shield 50
Leather Shield 375
Bronze Shield 1875
Purple Flower 500
Powerful Soori, Surigum, Swords, etc. - Prices vary
Found Items - Try me.