We mundanes try to serve Aislings the best we can, but sometimes, we need something from you. Here is a list of requests you might get from Piet mundanes.

Piet Quests

Flame Licked - Saskia, the Inn keeper, has an elderly mother who cannot be left unattended. Sometimes her mother gets burned on the stove, while Saskia is out. Bring Saskia some Speckled Wax, or Hydele Deum, to cure her mother's burns.

Mother's Love - Alleen, the baker, has a daughter who likes to go for walks in the East Woods, but sometimes she gets bitten by a viper, and gets very ill. Bring Alleen some Personaca Deum, or Hydele Deum, and her daughter might recover.

Node Needed - Appie the Alchemist needs elemental nodes, for his research. Try bringing him an orange, black, blue, or tan potion.

Piet Sewers - Jay, the Court Jester in Loures, can tell you about our clogged sewers in Piet. We don't know what they're clogged up with, but maybe if you search through the Piet sewers, you'll be able to solve our problem.

Remember that some mundanes may have clues to more powerful quests, so be sure to speak to us often.