The Grimlocks and Goblins are still at war, though you won't find any Goblins to fight inside, these days. There
are lots of Grimlocks though.
Pravat Cave (minimum insight - 11)

Common Monsters:
Grimlock Worker, Grimlock Soldier

Common Spoils:
Raw Beryl, Raw Coral, Raw Ruby

Other Features:

Alliance - I can arrange for you to make a temporary alliance with either the Goblins or the Grimlocks. The Grimlocks won't attack you if you're their ally. If you're an ally of the Goblins, you'll be more powerful in combat ((HP and MP regeneration increases)). But Goblins outside of the Pravat area will still be your enemies.

Leaders - Bahadir, the Goblin Chief, and Phailin the Grimlock Queen may speak to you if you're not allied with their enemy. You can offer them gems, Conix Stone fragments, or items consecrated to your deity ((in exchange for experience points)). You can also form a permanent alliance with their race (See "Loures - Other Services" for more about Conix Stones).

The Monolith - In Deoch 18, a monolith appeared deep within Pravat Cave, and began creating vipers all over Temuair. The Druids helped Aislings to stop this, but the evil may return someday.