The swamp is filled with living creatures. The Frog is our friend, and will not attack Aislings, but all other creatures
are quite dangerous. Especially the Chandi Mukul, who are outcasts from our society.
Mehadi Swamp (minimum insight - 11)

Common Monsters:
Malini Viper, Frog, Turtle, Leech

Common Spoils:
Viper's Gland, Turtle's Shell

Other Features:

Flowers of Mehadi - There are several types of special flowers which grow only in Mehadi Swamp. Chandra, the Jivanta can tell you about them ((Jean in Loures can also)).

Mukul Culture - I, and the other Mukul, Chandra the Jivanta, Ganesha the Kerani, and Varuna the Vibha, can tell you things about the Mukul people. I can tell you about our society, politics, and animals of the swamp. The Jivanta can tell you about plants and diseases. The Kerani can tell you our stories, and the Vibha can tell you of our history.