Hello Aisling. I am Aoife, Shrine Maiden of the Temple of Choosing. Here, new Aislings are initiated into the path of their choice, by an Aisling guide.

Temple of Choosing

Any Aisling peasant may enter the Temple. I will ask them if they have an Aisling Guide, and if they do, I will admit them into the inner chamber. An Aisling Guide ((any registered Aisling over Insight 5)) must accompany them at the final stage of initiation.

A Guide may only initiate an Aisling into their own path. A Guide should know the route, so that the initiate may follow.

Avatar of Ceannlaidir - Neal
The Warrior - Take the left door, every time to get here.

Avatar of Cail - Donnan
The Monk - This chamber is next to The Warrior. ((one right, then all left))

Avatar of Fiosachd - Keefe
The Rogue - This chamber is between The Monk and The Priest. ((two rights, two lefts, or vice versa))

Avatar of Glioca - Erin
The Priest - This chamber is next to The Wizard. ((one left, then all right))

Avatar of Luathas - Logan
The Wizard - Take the right door, from each circle to get here.

Each Avatar also allows an Aisling to Guide one of their initiates, or give an oath to Guide another Aisling (who need not be the same path), who has had 11 or more Insights. This gives insight to both ((and it is noted in their legends)).

Note: Guiding and Mentoring are two different things. For more about Mentoring, see "Other Services".