Greetings Aisling. I am Cedric, mundane Burgess of Mileth. Aingeal, Tavern keeper and mundane Demagogue, and myself, offer civics service to Mileth citizens.

Mileth Civics

Available to any Citizen:
* Renounce Citizenship - Removes your citizenship, necessary if you wish to move to another town.

Available to Mileth Citizens of 11th or greater Insight ((and registered)):
* Support a Citizen - Give an Aisling in office, or running for office, your support ((1 clout)).

Available to Respected Citizens (or higher) of Mileth:
* Admit a Guest or Citizen - Grants someone Mileth citizenship ((at a cost of 1 clout)).
* Endow a Citizen - Give another official, or candidate, some of your clout ((spend 10 clout to grant 7)).
* Widdle an Opponent - Anonymously attack another's clout ((spend 3 clout to remove 1 clout from opponent)).

Cedric - Burgess
* Sponsor a Candidate (available to Mileth Guards or higher) - Sponsor someone running for office. An Aisling must have a sponsor, in order to claim an office.
* Seek Political Office - I will speak of the requirements for office. If you meet those requirements, you may run for office in Mileth.
* On Politics - I will tell you all I can about the processes involved in political offices.

Other Services: Politicians, particularly in higher offices, may perform a number of tasks other than Mileth Civics, such as Mileth Political Attacks, Mileth Political Execution, and Mileth Law. These tasks are only available to Mileth Officials. Speak to me, in the Town Hall, or ask an Aisling Official for more information.