There are several other services which Mileth mundanes offer. This is a brief list of services not included in other sections.
Other Services:

Forget Secret / Forget Skill - Any mundanes who teach abilities, can help you to forget them.

Altar of Mileth - At this Altar, Priests, and other Aislings may give an offering of items to the Gods, in the hopes of getting a blessing. Naomhan at the Church of the Altar can tell you more. The Church is also often used to hold Aisling weddings.

((Tutorial)) - ((Most Mileth mundanes have this option. Any Aisling under 11 insights may re-enter the Tutorial. If they have completed it already, they will be taken to Raghnall, the wise man at the end))

((Tutorial Mentor)) - Riona - ((Any Mileth Official may enter the Tutorial, as a Guide))

Mentor Someone - Devlin, Dar - An Aisling of 15 or more Insights may accept a student, or mentor a student, at the book case in the corner. Students may use this service to leave their mentor. Mentor and Student need not be of the same path.

Mundane Birth - Riona - Riona will record your age, and birthplace on your legend.

Wizardry Research - Dar - Dar's laboratory is the only place where Aisling wizards may do research ((wizards walk between the tables on the left side to begin)).