Fair day to you. I am Uistean, Librarian of the Mileth Library, at Mileth College. Here, Aislings hold classes on philosophy, literature, art, and lore, which others may
attend. Read Aisling works in our Library, and post discussions on the board outside.
Mileth College
((accessible by the path next to the Mileth Entrance, by the sign across from Glioca Shrine))

Mileth Library - Aisling work may be posted here. Speak to me, for more information. Outside, discussions and class schedules may be found on the board.

Classes are held in the following Halls:

Mileth Literature - Writing and storytelling, taught by Aislings. Steafan, mundane bard, will assist with holding a class.

Mileth History - Aisling classes on Temuairian history. Rory, mundane historian, assists Aisling instructors.

Mileth Lore - Learn useful lore from experienced Aislings. Mundane lorekeeper Parthalan, assists.

Mileth Philosophy - Temuairian philosophy, taught by Aislings. Conn, mundane philosopher, can assist in holding a class.

On Aisling Classes - Aislings who are recognized for their inspiration, may hold a class on the appropriate subject. The class may be conducted however the instructor chooses. At the end of the class, the instructor may speak to the mundane assistant, to officially end the class session. Aislings in attendance will gain real experience. Aisling instructors may gain noble marks if enough Aislings attend their classes (speak to Jean in Loures for more information on noble marks).