We mundanes try to serve Aislings the best we can, but sometimes, we need something from you. Here is a list of requests you might get from Mileth mundanes.

Mileth Quests

Dark Things - Dar, the Dark Wizard often needs special items for his research. He often asks Aislings to bring him Spider's Eye, Spider's Silk, Centipede's Gland, or Scorpion Sting.

A Little Bit of That - Cian, the Alchemist uses rotten food in his research. Bring him some Rotten Apple, Rotten Grapes, Rotten Cherry, Rotten Tomato, Mold, or Moldy Baguette, and he might reward you.

Spare a Stick - Callough, the weaponsmith, will gladly make young Aislings a Stick, and a Wooden Shield, if they bring him a few sturdy branches to work with.

Mother's Love - Oona, the baker, has a daughter who likes to go for walks in the East Woods, but sometimes she gets bitten by a viper, and gets very ill. Bring Oona some Personaca Deum, or Hydele Deum, and her daughter might recover.

On Honey - Devlin, the Fae Priestess, loves honey. She'll reward you, if you bring her some Raw Honey, or maybe some Raw Wax.

The Letter - Oona and Aingeal, have a friend who is concerned about the whereabouts of her lost love. An Aisling couple may be able to work together to help solve the mystery.

The Terror - Teague, the beggar at Aingeal's Tavern, has terrible nightmares, which may be premonitions of evil creatures come to life somewhere. You and your companions may find and defeat these creatures, to ease the old man's mind.

Other mundanes may have clues for more powerful quests, remember to talk to us often.