Fair day, Aisling. I am Jean, Lorekeeper of Loures. There are few services in Loures, beyond those outlined in other sections, however our other services are quite significant.
Other Services:

Conix Lore - Blaise, Marlin - These mundanes can teach you Conix Lore, if you are a recognized Lorekeeper, Philosopher, or Historian. Aislings who know Conix Lore, may refresh their memory, or teach another, from the scrolls in the Library. ((Conix Lore allows you to gather Conix Stones in Pravat Cave))

Noble Title / Noble Garment - Jean - Aislings recognized for their inspiration may receive noble marks, if they have Aisling-level recognition, or have taught many successful classes. These marks may be exchanged for the appropriate title ((eg. "Philosopher" will appear next to their name in the Heroes List)), which lasts for one double moon. The marks may also be exchanged for Noble Garments, appropriate to the title. Speak to me, for more information, and sketches of the garments.

Information - Jean, Paulin, Marlin, Jay - In addition to our Library, several mundanes of Loures have a great deal of useful information.

Note: There is no banking service in Loures.