Fair day to you. I am Blaise, Librarian of the great Library of Loures. Our shelves are filled with ancient tomes, and Aisling works of philosophy, literature, lore, and Temuair history.
Library of Loures
((upstairs, down to the end of the hall, up the next stairs, through the throne room, then on the right))

Aisling Works - Against the back wall are grey slates containing numerous Aisling works. I can tell you which slate contains which type of work (History, Literature, Lore, or Philosophy). Aislings who are recognized for their inspiration may add their works to these boards.

Rare Tomes - The Library contains several books of a dangerous nature, such as the lore of the Pentagram Ritual, and the scrolls of the Aosdic Conix.

Conix Lore - I can teach you the mad lore of the Conix, if you are a recognized Lorekeeper, Philosopher, or Historian. Aislings who know Conix Lore, may refresh their memory, or teach another, from the scrolls in the Library. ((Conix Lore allows you to gather Conix Stones in Pravat Cave))