As I said before, I myself am a resource of information, as are many other mundanes here. There are many intriguing secrets to be uncovered in Loures.

Loures Quests

The Sick Child - There is a child of a noble family in the care of our chief physician, who has been struck by a rare and unusual illness. It is said that certain rare flowers may treat her sickness. Jean, the Lorekeeper may be able to tell you more about them. If you find anything, please see me immediately.

Royal Guard - Thibault, the personal guard to King Bruce, has always had an eye for the ladies. An Aisling lady may gain favor with him by offering a powerful sword.

Cabin Fever - Blanchefleur, a Loures girl, lives in a room far away from the Royal Gardens. An Aisling gentleman may brighten her day by offering a rare flower.

Conix Lore - Blaise, our Librarian, and Marlin, the mad alchemist in the dungeon, may teach you the secrets of the Conix. It is said that one who knows the lore, may gather the stones from Pravat Cave. They can be offered to the monstrous leaders there, but I have heard that they have other uses as well.

Piet Sewers - Jay, the Court Jester, once worked in the dreadful Piet sewers. They have been clogged recently, I don't dare to guess by what. Perhaps he can tell you how to unclog them.

From the Heart - Marlin, the imprisoned Alchemist, lost his love Bella, long ago. Some of his madness may be relieved if you can locate her. Jean may be able to help, if you're willing to sit through one of his boring lectures first.

Heart of Stone - As I said before, Conix stones may have another use. Deep inside Loures maze, one might find it.

Conjunction of Flame and Moon - It is said that two Aislings together, may enact some ritual to summon a powerful spell. The ritual takes place deep within the maze, that is all I know.

The Pentagram - From a black tome within the Library, comes a tale of an ancient and dark ritual performed by five people, a Warrior, a Monk, a Rogue, and a Wizard. Only Aislings of at least 60 Insights may dare perform it. Baltasar, the Rogue master of Rucesion, has clues to this as well.

Other mundanes may have clues for more powerful quests, remember to speak to us often.