Hello Aisling. I am Moire, Fae Priestess and armor master. There are six hunting grounds in the East Woodland, one
for each group of insights. The Enchanted Garden to the North-west, and the Wasteland to the South-east, are relatively easy hunting grounds open to all.
East Woodland (minimum insight - 1, higher insights for some areas)

Common Monsters:
Wasp, Viper, Mantis, later - Wolf, Kobold, Goblin Warrior

Common Spoils:
Raw Wax, Viper's Gland, Mantis's Eye, later - Wolf's Skin, Kobold's Skull, Goblin's Skull

Other Features:

Adventure Board - In the entrance area, there is a message board to post and read information about hunting, and hunting parties.

Faerie Glade - In the Enchanted Garden area, you may discover this Glade, where two lovers of 11 or higher Insight may be joined by a priest.

Druid's Grove - At the far side of the Enchanted Garden, you may discover the Druid's Grove, where Coibhi, the Druid may tell you Druid secrets.

Armor Masters - Deep within some of the hunting grounds ((15-1, 16-1, and 20-1)), you may find armor masters to assist with crafting powerful armors. I, Moire, Baki the Goblin, and Rowena, another Fae Priestess, will share our secrets with powerful Aislings.