Greetings. I am Greim, Shrine attendant of the temple of Sgrios, hidden deep within Dubhaim Castle. In this
accursed place, there are multiple buildings, and rooms, requiring different Insights to enter.
Dubhaim Castle (minimum insight - 11, higher for some areas)

Common Monsters:
Fiend Pupa, Ghast, Cruel

Common Spoils:
Few spoils are dropped here.

Other Features:

Shrine of Sgrios - The God of Destruction is worshipped here, in a shrine hidden deep within the Castle. Worshippers of Sgrios' allies, Ceannlaidir and Deoch may pray here also. Worshippers and Priests of Sgrios may perform services as at other temples. Worshippers of His enemies, Cail and Gramail, will not find themselves welcome in this place.