There are a few other services not included in other
sections, which Aislings may use in Abel.

Other Services:

Forget Secret / Forget Skill - Any mundanes who teach abilities, can help you to forget them.

On the Arts - Egil - In exchange for Mold, Rotten Apple, or Moldy Baguette, for my research, I will share with you a partial list of Mundanes offering Recognition for Aisling inspiration.

Forgive Nuisance - Frida - Aislings who have "annoyed" another Aisling ((it will appear on their legend)) may be forgiven by that Aisling here. Nuisances were once created by writing an essay to the mundanes on why a certain Aisling annoys you. ((it is not known if this service is still available, but nuisances may still be forgiven)).

Pit Fight - Ase - Warriors wishing to fight in single combat may arrange a Pit Fight at the Abel Beach shop, hosted by Ase.