Hello there. I'm Lamont, higgler of fine goods. I also run
the banking service in Abel. Let me tell you all about it.


Banking Service:

* Deposit Money - Deposit as much or as little as you want.
Free service.
* Withdraw Money - Withdraw some or all of your money.
Free service.
* Deposit Item - Bank will hold Identified items which are in good condition.
Cost based on value of item.
* Withdraw Item - Take out an item you have deposited, if you have room to carry it.
Free service.

On Banking - Goods and money deposited at a shop with bank service, may be withdrawn, free of charge, from any other bank in Temuair. Items to be deposited must be identified, and must be fully repaired. Some rare or unusual items may not be accepted, including any items which may not be dropped ((i.e. Guard Uniform, Holy Glioca, Penta Quest armor, etc.)).

Other Services:
* Labor - Work for another Aisling, so they have more time. Free service.
* Higgle - Rogues can acquire several of a single item, or attempt to have an item identified.
Costs 500 coins to attempt to Higgle.

Note: Hairstyling service is not available here.