Hello Aisling. I am Bastill, attendant of the East section of the Loures Battle Ring, at the Colliseum Arena. I will tell
you all I can about the Arena.
Loures Battle Ring - To fight other Aislings in free-for-all combat, you may enter the Loures Battle Ring, through the gate on the right, in the Entrance hall. The cost is 1000 coins, and you must choose which corner in which to start. Once inside, you may follow the halls to the other corners.
At any time, you may speak to me, or one of the other attendants at each corner, to exit, or to enter the Inner Battle Ring, a large square in the center. In the Loures Battle Ring, your combat abilities work on other Aislings, and their abilities work on you. Do not enter unless you are prepared to fight.

Arena Battles - An Arena Host may open the Arena for a team battle. Combatants and Spectators may then enter the main Arena by speaking to ColiseumTir, at the entrance. They will be sent to "The Gaunlet", a hall where requirements for entrance must be met.

* Rules - The host sets rules on who may enter ((by insight, and/or by path)), sets a cost for Combatants to participate, and a cost for Spectators to watch. These requirements must be met to enter. The host may set additional rules, and may banish an Aisling who breaks them, from the Arena.
* House Rules - In all Arena Battles, dark items (eg. Dark Belt) are not allowed, nor may combatants carry more than 35 items (including items equipped).
* Teams - Once through "The Gauntlet", Combatants enter the Underground, the team selection area. All enchantments on an Aisling are removed, here, so that everyone may have an equal chance. The Arena Host separates the gathered Aislings into teams. Once on a team, an Aisling's hair is dyed with the "Battle Dye", the color for the team. Then each team waits in their corner, for the team selection process to end, and the battle to begin.
* Battle - Once the battle begins, teams enter the main arena, from their corners. Combatants fight, Spectators watch, and the Host judges the winning team in each round. Between rounds, team members return to their corners, and may get resurrected by ColiseumTor, to re-enter the battle.
* Winning - One team wins the battle, as judged by the Host, and may exit through the winner's gate, to receive their legend mark.
* Legends - Anyone who has received the Battle Dye, receives a legend mark for the battle. Winners also receive a mark for the victory.

Dying in the Arena, or Battle Ring - Death in the Battle Ring will send an Aisling out of the Arena as a spirit. Arena Combatants will remain in the Arena as a combatant. ColiseumTir, at the entrance, or his brothers within, can help. An Arena Combatant may ask for "Arena Resurrection", to return to life, and re-enter the Arena battle. Others may choose "Arena Exit". This will return the Aisling to life, and send them out of the Arena. "Arena Exit" will also remove the Battle Dye from a combatant's hair.