Fair day. I'm Kamiko, concerned citizen, Guard of Mileth, and author of this Guide.

I decided to include a little about myself in here, just for
fun. ^_^
Aisling - Deoch 17, Fall
Mileth Mundane Birth - Spring, Before Deoch 3
Fiosachd Acolyte
Guard since Deoch 18, Fall
Good Luck Charm - Black Cat's Tail
Favorite Ability - Hide
Favorite Color - Purple
Likes - Political discourse, Guiding new Aislings, Gramail Priests
Dislikes - Criminals, Injustice, Aislings who think they're better than others
Hobbies - Drawing, Music, Lore, Collecting consecrated items
Vital Statistics (at time of writing) - ((Insight - 51, HP - 3083, MP - 2533, AC - 51
STR - 25, INT - 20, WIS - 11, CON - 18, DEX - 45))

One final note: Many thanks to those Aislings who assisted me in compiling this guide, identifying items, sharing your path's secrets, and lending me many many scrolls. I would also like to thank all the mundanes who donated their time to tell me of their services, and to appear in this guide.
I hope that this guide will not serve as a replacement for exploring and discovering Temuair, on your own, but that it instead makes your exploration and discovery more fruitful and enjoyable.
All images and information in this guide is owned under copyright, by Nexon, and Dark Ages