A Crash Course in the Old Tongue

Graymare & Entreaties
Old Tongue Word English Translation


child or children
danaan light, or the mother goddess in Temuairian theology
ao Old Tongue prefix for the removal, or banishment of
beag prefix meaning minor, smaller form of a spell
mor prefix meaning more, or slightly greater form of a spell
ard prefix for an even better form of a spell; awesome form
io dia prayer. A spell of the io dia form is cast only through prayer.
fas prefix meaning roughly "domination of" or "increased effect of"
comlha suffix meaning "to the group." A spell of this form affects your group
fein suffix meaning "to self."  A spell of this form only affects you.
gar suffix meaning "cluster." Spells of this form affect several creatures
meall suffix meaning "touching," spells of this form affect creatures by you
deum (deur) suffix meaning "liquid," potions use these spells.
lamh suffix meaning "in sight." A lamh spell affects anything you see.

Simple Spells (Priest and Wizard)
Craft Spell Description
Wizard athar Basic wind/lightning attack. Swift, fast, unlingering. Accurate.
Wizard srad Basic fire attack. Powerful, unyeilding, hot. No lasting effects
Wizard sal Basic water attack. Yielding, suppressing, suffocating, drowning.
Wizard creag Basic ground attack. Not as strong, but powerful.
Wizard nadur Nature. Any nadur spell affects a creature's defensive element.
Wizard leasaich Charging of an element. This converts fiors, pure elements, into mana.
Priest ioc Healing spell. Recovers health of your target.
Priest armachd Armor. Increases your target's ability to recieve physical attacks.
Priest beannaich Speed. Raises your target's ability to make contact with their target.
Priest dieras This affects your ability to damage your target, such as fas dieras
Priest dall Blindness. This keeps the target from moving but not attacking.
Priest puinsein Poison. This slowly saps away your target's health slowly, not killing.
Priest dachaidh Home. This spell returns you to your home town.