Joining a Faith

Arguably greatest Gliocan Priest
Fabled Temuairian Storyteller

You emerge from the Temple of Choosing with your new clothes and craft. Something, however, is missing. You are ready for your adventures, with everything needed. Everything except, perhaps, faith. A faith that gives you completion. You travel to the large Glioca temple just outside of Mileth, and speak to the Temple Patron about gods. Who will you choose? And how do you worship him or her?

There are seven gods and goddesses in the Temuairian Pantheon.

Glioca, goddess of love. The moon goddess. Shrine in loving Mileth.

Luathas, god of Gnosis, Diving Knowledge. Shrine in knowlegeble Rucesion.

Gramail, god of Laws, the weakest of the 7 primary gods. Shrine in ruling Loures.

Ceannlaidir, god of war. Strong. Shrine in proud Abel

Cail, god of nature, kind, proud, reverant. Shrine by the gentle seas in Suomi.

Deoch, god of Rapture, power, fire, and divine retribution. Shrine in powerful Undine

Sgrios, god of death. Cruel, evil, sadistic. Shrine in  Darkest Dubhaim, near Rucesion.

           Each has individual abilities, and I, being but a humble Glioca Priest, cannot tell you what the others' are. Consult a Priest of each religion for help. You can reckognize them by a legend mark, or asking them. Once you have chosen, consult a Priest of that religion, and he will help you be initiated. Each god have individual animals that their worshippers may summon. For example, Gliocans can summon rats, frogs, and pixies, and Sgrios worshippers can summon Dunans and other evil animals.

            The key to worshipping is prayer. In order to pray, you must have Faith. Priests can gain faith in a number of ways, such as desecration, but worshippers may only gain faith through Giving Thanks and Mass. To pray, cast your Prayer Spell, drop your Prayer Necklace under you, and pick it up ((Hold shift and double click it)). You may also speak to your Temple Patron. You may choose to pray alone or in Fellowship. Fellowship will always work better. If it is your first time to pray, you will Give Thanks, and gain a small amount of faith and experience. Pray again, and you will be able to do a few more things. Entreat and Supplicate are the same. These allow you to do a great many things, such as make yourself invulnerable with a great deal of faith. Seeking Guidance can give you experience. Giving thanks will give you faith. There are also masses. These are group worships that you may only attend once a double-moon ((week)). I have found an excellent tome on behavior at masses by Kerani. You should nopt attend a mass if you don't follow these rules. If I found out you read my introduction and didn't read Kerani's Mass Behavior rules, I may have to see that you're excommunicated. :). Here it is. They tend to give you a great amount of experience, and faith. You may consult a Priest of your religion for greater details.