A Quick Guide to the Aisling Crafts

Ancient Gaelic for Light
Temuairian Mother Goddess of Light.

You emerge from your room and stumble toward your friend Riona's post at the reception desk of the humble inn. "I'm an Aisling!" you manage to gasp to her, still in awe. How could it be this sudden? Just yesterday you were working like a dog in the fields, today you have undergone a rush of insight, a dream, the essence of an Aisling! But you can't live as a peasant forever. There are five Aisling crafts that make you what you are.

          There are five Aisling paths that give you unique skills and secrets. Wizards, masters of elemental magics. Priests, healers, and leaders of faith. Monks, reverant nature lovers, strong in martial arts. Rogues, thieves, trappers, distanced fighters; masters of wealth. Warriors, masters of weapons and armor; up-close fighters.

          You should stay around the inn and ask other Aislings about the crafts. There's nothing like real-life experience to discover the particulars about a craft. Once you have decided, you should find an Aisling Guide of your particular craft. If you intend to chrystalize ((In-character for register)), seek a Mentor. If you Chrystalize, you will have no problem finding a good mentor. Your guide also makes a good mentor, usually. Once you have a Guide, follow him or her to the Temple of Choosing (3 on the Maps/Reference). The Circles within will guide you to the path. Your guide will also help you find it. There are a number of places where you can find your clothes and spells. These are listed in the Maps/Reference section.

              The backbone of increasing your insight is either hunting or questing, depending on you. Many like to find a delicate balance, but I prefer questing, for reasons that any path can do it equally, and the experience comes in one "lump sum" at the end. I also greatly enjoy the chance to role-play that is offered by quests. An excellent piece of lore I have found while in one of my daily browses of the Loures Library is a tome called The Pacifist's Guide to Hunting by Seara NicCiardha. If you feel the same way about hunting as I do, you must definately see this. I personally like mentorship as a way to gain experience. It certainly makes a difference to students, and this is what I'm trying to do with this tome. The ammount of experience won from mentoring is based on the insight gain of the student. The maximum experience won for mentoring for the mentor is nearly 1,200,000 experience! This can be gained if your student rises about 20 insights. Mentoring is an excellent