So You Think You're an Aisling?

Ancient Gaelic word meaning "dreamer."
Member of the Chosen of Temuair

You sleep in your humble room in Riona's inn, preparing for another day of backbreaking labor and slaving in the fields as a Mundane. You awaken with a sparkle in your eyes. The images were so vivid. Were you awake during the night? Or perhaps you are an Aisling. Surely there is another explaination! But there isn't. You have become what all Mundanes have dreamed of becoming; an Aisling. A dreamer. It is now time to join the ranks of the Chosen of Temuair. Even as a Peasant of the Chosen, you have a long way to go...

Temuair. The world that might have been. Long ago, in this world's middle ages, the tuatha de danaan, the children of the light, the fae, or fairies, were born. They were driven out of Gaelic society as evil. But what if they weren't driven out? What if they hadn't been driven out? What if their society had succeeded...?

Hy-Brasil. The earliest Temuairian society. Synnonomous with peace. There was no disease, no violence. Only Aosda, a peaceful death by the gods. The fae lived in peace. Elements danced wildly in the fields. But then the Dark Age came. A man, loved by all, was found, dead, in a bloody pool in front of the inn. Temuair's unrivaled age of peace had ended. Soon, Hy-Brasyl would fall. The lands were seperated into warring tribes. The age of magic soon begun. But this was not magic of peace. The wizards discovered 4 elements that could be harnessed to their own work:

Srad, elemental fire.
Sal, elemental water.
Creag, elemental earth.
Athar, elemental air.

However, soon after this a fifth element, one never before seen, was discovered. Darkness. The pits of evil. Chadul, father of darkness, sent out his legions, crushing all under his metaphorical thumb. He was successfully sealed from our lands, but at great cost. However, everywhere there is shadow, night, dark, darkness still thrives. Danaan, goddess of light, placed a part of herself everywhere across the lands, in lamps, to keep away the night. But everywhere there is a light... there is a shadow.