The Peasant's Guide to Roleplaying  
The World

This is intended as the bulk of this manual. Hopefully, you know what you want to be, so let's get down to business.

The most important thing to remember is this: You are your character. You live in Temuar. There is no such thing as a computer. Acting contrary to these three points is the major source of  heresy. Heresy is any action, portrait, or speech deemed not to fit within the boundaries of the Temuairian fantasy world. If you commit heresy, you are a heretic. Heresy is not a major crime in Temuair, but commiting it detracts from the game's level of fun. Now that we have this established, let's continue. Heresy is any real world date, time, day, or country (there are, of course, more, but these are more common). It should be attempted to speak Temuairian most of the time. Try to learn the Temuairian Calandar (covered later on this page). When you have absolutely no choice but to say something heretic, or out of character, you should use "OOC Brackets", also known as "Heresy bubbles." ((OOC Brackets, or heresy bubbles, look like this. They are double parentheses. Sometimes, Brackets or Braces are used, but this is rare. Try to learn it as parentheses.)) Heresy is most recognized in heavy roleplaying areas, such as Temples, Quests, Political gatherings, and College.

The Temuairian Calandar
Temuairian time, or "Tem Time," is exactly four times faster than real life time (Terran Time), or ((RL Time)).
Years are approxomately 45 Terran days, and are called Deochs. The nearest equivilant of a month is a "moon," which occurs every 4.5 Terran days. More commonly used, however, is the term "double moon," which represents one Terran week. Many things are based on a two-moon (Terran weekly) cycle. Temuairian time is rarely used in more detail than the terms "Deoch year" and "double-moon."

Through the Looking Glass

Most important is to attempt to follow the precedents of this mythic Celtic fantasy. Some people have gone so far as to learn Gaelic ("Old Tongue") phrases to use in conversations. Accents are common, as well. Look at yourself and compare what you see to other players. Do you stand out in a negative way? Do you stand out in a good way? Do you blend in? Does this fit with the profile you made for yourself in "Who are you?"? Your character is constantly evolving whether you mean to affect his evolution or not. The most important thing is to have fun, so your persona should be a person you aspire to be, or wish you could have been! It's a very personal thing. Look into the mirror. Who do you see? Are you who you want?
Make yourself who you want.

The Price of Tea in China

Another tip to make your experience more authentic is to make casual observations -- smalltalk, as you would in the real world. Say things arbitrarily, out of the blue... Many people are spontanious, especially those who are A, B, or C -types. Depending on your impression of yourself, make up trivial and irrelevant things to make conversation. Conversation is a major key.

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