The Peasant's Guide to Roleplaying  
"Who are you?"

This section is designed as a "Draw your own Conclusions" questionaire. Posed are questions about your character's attitude, political alignment, and so on, that should help you find a good point to roleplay from. (Please note, this assumes your character is a "he." Please take no offense from this.)

1.) If your character walks into the pub, will he...
            a. Feign drunkeness and attack everyone near
            b. Buy drinks for everyone
            c. Quietly purchase the cheapest bottle of booze and drink it alone
            d. Are you kidding? He'd never be in a pub!

2.) If your character walks into a temple during mass, will he...
            a. Ask loudly, "Hey, what's going on here? Happy hour?"
            b. Whisper someone, "Eh, be this Mass?"
            c. Slip away, hoping not to have been noticed
            d. Join in the audience of the mass and adhere strictly to the Priest

3.) Someone in another group is dying, but they have no red potions. Do you...
            a. Laugh and heal him at the last possible minute
            b. Assist quickly and ask, "Be ye injured?"
            c. Continue hunting. It's not your business. Besides, you have no reds!
            d. Help in every possible way

4.) In one word, your character is...
            a. A Comedian
            b. Friendly
            c. Antisocial
            d. Reverent

5.) Your character aspires to achieve which political station and why?
            a. A guard so he can play around with banishment
            b. A demagogue, to best help the community
            c. A respected citizen, to have a few privelages
            d. Any position of influence to assist others -or- None. Political figures are corrupt.

6.) In what style is your name and why? (least important)
            a. Lailaxxcvx, put in laIlaxXcVx, to allow you to work without easy banishment.
            b. RobertsonV ("Robertson the Fifth), to add a conversation item.
            c. Stanle, simple, nothing to explain about it.
            d. Ctlbs ("Pronounced Kay-tee-lab-si", after a great Fae), or Dariolis -- fantasy-related.

This should help you figure out who you are and what niche you would best fill. If you chose mostly A, you are an A-Type, mostly B, you are B-Type, and so on. This is referred to later on in this book.

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