The Peasant's Guide to Roleplaying  

The Phrasebook is a unique reference tool designed to help you say out-of-character things without becoming heretic. Have fun.
Heretic Phrase (BAD) In-Character Phrase (GOOD)
Tomorrow In four days
In one week In a double-moon ; Two moons from today
Log off Leave the Lands, Fade away, Vanish
Log in Enter Temuair, -Poof- in
Disconnected! (d/c) "Whew! Phased out for a moment there!"
Laggy "The floor seems sticky" ; Lag dubhaimid hunt tonight!
Get 200 HP Seal some wounds
Get 200 MP Recover some sanity, Fulfill mana
Regenerate stats Rest
I'm not registered I'm yet to Chrystalize ; I'm still Fragile Chrystalisis ("I'm fragile")
Registered Chrystalized ; Solid ; full
Started playing Got the Spark ; Dreamed ; Became an Aisling ; Was chosen
Nexon The Mundane Divine
Out-of-game business Mundane purposes
AFK Daydreaming, sleeping, dreaming, unconciousness, disembodiment
LoL! *laughs*, *chuckles hardily*, *sidesplitting eruption of laughter*, Teeheehee
BRB I shall return shortly, I will be briefly on vacation, Wait for my return
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