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Madb Of Fury
Song of Morrigu

Black crow, over the flower follow the river flow.
The washer at the ford sours the clothes with blood's flow.
Battle-bound warriors pass by as tattered leaves fall.
You wash the garb with lye of those about to fall.
*collapses into a deep slomber*

"Song in the Enchanted Garden, by the Great Tree."

Ana of Magic


Morrigu was the ancient triple goddess. It has been thousands of years since she was openly worshipped. She is a Tuatha De Danaan, and rumored to be a dark queen of the Faeries.
          Where should You go to?
In the very center of the Enchanted Garden grows a large tree and a patch of bloody flowers. Sing the Song of Morrigu. Be careful. She will claim you.
          Has Morrigu ever appeared?
She flew over the battlefield of the second battle of Moy Tura. She is three sisters: Ana, Macha, and Madb. They are the fates and harvesters of battle.
Sometimes one of the Morrigu is seen by a river before battle by a warrior. She washes the garments or arms of the warrior that will die in the battle.
          Who is Ana?
Ana is a goddess of magic in battle. She sometimes takes the form of a wolf or of a wild heifer. Her magic confuses foes in war.
          Who is Macha?
Macha is a goddess of the battle. Macha sometimes takes to form of a crow.
          Who is Madb?
Madb is the great fury. Sometimes she takes the form of a carrion-crow. At other times, a she is a wolf.
          What is the nightmare?
Morrigu chooses wantonly. She lets the blood of brave men for carrion-crows to feast upon. Her appetite grows, perhaps lured by the likes of dark, cthonic beings.

Fortold by Narve of Peit


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