Beasts of Cthonic

Foul Beast


Creepy Crawly
Max Experience
Cthonic 1 - 40,800
Cthonic 2 - 51,300
Cthonic 3 - 75,900
Cthonic 4 - 75,900
Cthonic 5 - 75,900

Nagetier Dieter

These beasts are what you find in your nightmares. Though appearing harmless, they really are quite strong. The foolish of Aislings would under-estimate them. In their dark minds they only seek to destroy their enemies with force. Even though they are dark, one can not help but admire their artistic values. Just look how they wear the red cape, and wear it with such ease. The knife they use is said to be stained with the blood of all their enemies, and most definitely enchanted by a dark wizard. Watch out for these beasts of this underground temple.

Max Experience
Cthonic 1 - 23,400
Cthonic 2 - 31,500
Cthonic 3 - 40,800
Cthonic 4 - 51,300
Cthonic 5 - 51,300

Dhole Larva

The larva is one of the more childish creatures in this place of death. Even though they are young, do not attack them unprepared. Without a fully developed mind, they rely mainly on instinct. This can be a most dangerous aspect. An irrational larva can take-out a whole group of heroes in no time flat. However, on a lighter note, these larva also make a rare delicacy among the Mundane populations. Bon appitè!

Max Experience
Cthonic 1 - 31,500
Cthonic 2 - 31,500
Cthonic 3 - 31,500
Cthonic 4 - 40,800
Cthonic 5 - 40,800
Cthonic 6 - 51,300
Cthonic 7 - 51,300
Cthonic 8 - 63,000

Scarlet Beetle

These concourse bugs dwell all throughout Cthonic. They feed off the dead and store parts of other bodies in a place for safe keeping. These bugs don't just attack Aislings, they attack all that threaten them, friend or foe. This makes them a powerful enemy or a devilish ally. Their red coat protects them from meall attacks and they use the antenna on their head to guild themselves through the dark. All in all, the red beasts are to be taken serious, do not get caught in their powerful talons, or you'll surely turn up dead in their nest.


Evil, Don't let him get your Bones!

Ack, He's Strong!
Max Experience
Cthonic 2 - 40,800
Cthonic 3 - 40,800
Cthonic 4 - 40,800
Cthonic 5 - 40,800
Cthonic 6 - 121,800
Cthonic 7 - 121,800
Cthonic 8 - 121,800


This ghostly figure is used to scare Aislings first. Even the dead are threated by this transparent beast. At times, one can hear the chanting of the Qualgeist in the Cthonic Remains all the way from the entrance. This chant can make a man half-deaf for moons. Blue fire surrounds this ghost in a blaze of gore. This fire protects them greatly from attacks of the mind, even the greatest of the wizards have a hard time punishing these rodents for their evil deeds. Make sure you have a great healer with you if you venture this deep, and also, have the Glioca priestess at her temple pray for your well being... you'll need it.

Max Experience
Cthonic 6 - 63,000
Cthonic 7 - 63,000
Cthonic 8 - 75,900

Bone Collector

Have you ever heard the cracking of bones? This noise you'll have to be very comfortable with if you plan to hunt this creature. The beast itself is only made of bones and can not survived without the bones from other sources. These beasts can only be deal with by quickly attacking them, any other means, with this irrational creature, would make you their next victim on the bone list. Be very carful or you might find your partner getting munched up for dinner.

Max Experience
Cthonic 6 - 246,000
Cthonic 7 - 270,900
Cthonic 8 - 297,000


Everyone has heard the tales of mummies, having them come into our dreams at night, laughing at the idea of them. Until you see them for real. This beast has great intelligence and cunning will, matched with brute force. A very dangerous combination for any enemy. They are the masters of their realm, and they keep this realm with an iron fist. They hold many wonderous items though, a well price for the death of this creature if you don't die yourself. Unlike in your dreams, you will not be laughing at this mystical beast.