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Max Experience
Level 1 - 100
Level 2 - 340
  Although many think that the viper would have a dangerous poison bite, it does not. It is actually a rather weak monster, and young aislings may take it on to learn more of the ways of combat. They are passive, and will not attack you until you hit them first.

  Vipers often leave behind Viper's Glands. These can be sold to Cian the Alchemist in Mileth for 137 gold pieces.

Max Experience
Level 1 - 220
Level 2 - 380
Level 3 - 1,060
Level 4 - 1,940
  Ahh the wasp. Although rather large, they are only one step up in power from the Viper. Sometimes they will hunt down Aislings, but are much more often than not passive, and can be walked among freely.

  Wasps leave behind a wide variety of treasure, with many uses. The Bee's Sting can be sold to Dar the wizard in Mileth for 400 gold. Raw wax, an item needed to learn a few early priest spells, goes to Devlin the Fae Priestess for 50 gold. She will also buy Raw Honey for 125 gold, but this is a toss up because Aislings can eat Raw Honey to regain vitality. Finally, Royal Wax can be sold to Devlin, yet again, for 600 gold pieces.

Max Experience
Level 1 - 260
Level 2 - 460
Level 3 - 1,950
Level 4 - 3,250
Level 5 - 3,080
Level 6 - 4,460
  Mantises are the first truely hostile creature encountered in the Eastern Woodlands. They attack without warning and blend in very well with the foliage, so are very dangerous. Keep your guard up for these ones.

  The treasure that the mantis drops is the Mantis Eye. It is one of the most abundant, and valuable items that can be found in the early areas anywhere in Temuair. They are a very good source of income for any young Aisling that can stand up to the pain mantises like to dish out. Mantis Eyes go to Cian the Alchemist in Mileth for 1500 gold pieces.

Max Experience
Level 3 - 2,610
Level 4 - 4,230
Level 5 - 4,850
Level 6 - 6,750
Level 7 - 6,080
Level 8 - 8,360
  Wolves are first found in the third area of the forest, and like to wield powerful magic against Aislings trespassing in their territory. They are hostile, and like any hostile creature attack on sight in most situations.

  An important thing to know, in the third and fourth areas of the Eastern Woodlands, wolves are a very good source of both Holy Hermes and Magus Ares staves. I imagine they like the glittery gems embedded in these powerful magic weapons. Any priest or wizard will be very happy to get one of these.

  Wolves drop several different kinds of treasure. Wolf Skins can be sold to Steinar the Abel Armorsmith for 300 gold pieces. Wolf Fur will go to Arnljot the Abel Higgler for 700 gold. Finally, the rare and coveted Wolf's Lock can be sold to Devlin the Fae Priestess of Mileth for 6500 gold pieces! Quite a price for a bit of hair.

Max Experience
Level 5 - 6,240
Level 6 - 8,610
Level 7 - 8,500
Level 8 - 10,950
Level 9 - 10,520
Level 10 - 12,420
  Kobolds are some of the first truely intelligent enemies you will have to face in battle. Not only do they stand upright, they wield sharp daggers that hurt much more then the claws of a wolf or mantis. Watch out for them, because in almost all situations, if you see one, another is sneaking up behind you.

  Kobolds are a very good source of treasure. Occasionally, when a Kobold is killed, its Skull can be saved and sold to Bodil the Abel Combat Skill Master for 1150 gold pieces. Aside from this, Kobolds like to collect money, and often they will be carrying anywhere between 1000 and 5000 gold pieces on them into battle.

Goblin Soldiers
Max Experience
Level 7 - 11,340
Level 8 - 14,430
Level 9 - 14,235
Level 10 - 16,800
Level 11 - 15,040
Level 12 - 18,500
  Goblin Soldiers are fearsome indeed. They are big, very strong, and wield a nasty spiked club. Not only are they fearsome on their own, but they like to employ the same tactics that Kobolds do, most importantly striking in groups. In fact, Goblin Soldiers and Kobolds can often be found working together to kill any aisling that wanders by.

  Goblin treasure is nearly identical to that of Kobolds. Not only do they like to carry similar amounts of money with them, the skull of a Goblin can also be sold to Bodil. A Goblin skull will go for 1500 gold pieces.

Goblin Warriors
Max Experience
Level 9 - 17,910
Level 10 - 21,750
Level 11 - 20,200
Level 12 - 23,900
Level 13 - 21,000
Level 14 - 25,060
  The Goblin Warrior forms the brunt of the Goblin's military might. They are also among the most respected members of Goblin society, and tend to be able to get away with whatever they want, unless they cross the chief or the guards. Warriors often arm themselves with crude axes, relatively easy for goblin craftsmen to make, and protect themselves with either crude, leather, hide, or metal armor, or even better, they steal it from aislings and other travelers that they have slain.

  They are very capable in one-on-one combat, and have a rudimentary understanding of tactics that allows them to coordinate themselves and the lesser soldiers to often ambush a group of aislings, and try to take them down through superior numbers. Though they are not the smartest creatures, they are endowed with innate magical abilities which must be respected. If one moves very deep in to the woodlands they will soon face Goblin Warriors who can wield mor spells, as well as sleep and cradh. These are definitely creatures to treat with respect and caution, until one is used to dealing with them.

  They commonly are carrying moderate amounts of gold, as well as varying magic items. Like their smaller brethren, the soldier, it is also easy to remove their skull, which is used in many magical formulas and is somewhat valuable, about 1500 gold each. They can be a good source of revenue for aislings who are strong enough to meet them on the field.

Goblin Guard
Max Experience
Level 11 - 25,920
Level 12 - 30,540
Level 13 - 28,750
Level 14 - 32,225
Level 15 - 28,700
Level 16 - 32,600
  The best of the best, when it comes to Goblin warriors, the Guard is basically what we would consider a warrior order within goblin society. It is made up of the meanest, toughest, biggest, and strongest goblins, and their supposed purpose is to protect the Goblin Village and Chief. Yet they are also the most blood thirsty of goblins, and many of them head out to the field to face aislings in combat, to test their own strength, and to kill for sheer pleasure.

  These goblins are often massively built, larger then any other goblins, and armed with the best weapons and armor they can come by. In addition, any other goblin will follow a Guard's commands regardless of whether or not they want to, and Guards can often be seen throwing all of the soldiers and warriors in an area at their opponent before they themselves move in to engage them. This tactic can be extremely effective, as by the time the Aislings are done fighting off the swarm of lesser goblins, they will be exhausted, only to look up and see a large lumbering Goblin Guard descending upon them, with mace in hand ready to kill each and every one of them.

  They also carry reasonable amounts of gold, and can often be found using magical items, though never very effectively... in addition their skulls are just as valuable as those of other goblins, about 1500 gold a piece.

Max Experience
Level 13 - 35,490
Level 14 - 40,830
Level 15 - 36,825
Level 16 - 42,800
Level 17 - 35,900
Level 18 - 40,240
  The origin of the sub-species of goblin, known as the hobgoblin is uncertain. They are often twice the size of their smaller brethren, with large muscles and blue skin, yet their mental faculties seem to be even poorer then that of the other goblins. It is largely believed that these creatures have been warped by the dark energy found in certain areas of the woodlands. These mutations have left the Hobgoblins with incredible physical strength and stature that allows them to wield their massive clubs more effectively then the best Goblin soldiers can wield their bladed weapons.

  They tend to wander around aimlessly searching for anything they can kill. Most of them are very aggressive and will attack upon sight; a few of the older ones that have wondered deeper in to the woodlands have lost their will to fight, and seem to just wander aimlessly until attacked. They are fearsome creatures, and one ought to be cautious when approaching them. Yet, once an aisling is strong enough, hobgoblins will no longer be a threat.

  They are very found of shiny objects, and carry small amounts of gold, as well as other magical items. It seems as if the ones deeper in the woods are especially found of mythril gauntlets, and other mythril equipment, which can often be found on them after they are slain. In addition Hobgoblin skulls are used for their magical properties by mundanes, and can be sold for 2500 gold pieces to Bodil.

Max Experience
Level 15 - 46,530
Level 16 - 52,590
Level 17 - 47,000
Level 18 - 52,550
Level 19 - 45,760
Level 20 - 49,660
  The shrieks of these mutant creatures can be heard echoing far from where they are. These cries often send a chill down the spines of aislings, because they know that they are in for trouble if they get much closer. Resembling a mushroom, these creatures seem to have mutated from those fungi. Like the Hobgoblins, it appears that the dark powers within the woodlands have caused this, and their behavior seems to be very similar.

  Shriekers are very large, and use their gaping maw to rip and tear their food, often aislings, and can cause incredible amounts of damage in a short period of time. In addition they have an innate control of the elements, and bring magical devastation down upon anyone who gets in their way.

  Though they are strong, they are not very smart. They are among the easiest creatures to outmaneuver, and never use any semblance of tactics when they are encountered. They simply rampage around biting at whatever comes in reach.

  Their stomachs often contain gold and other magical items, and for some reason the rare Zeus as well. When they are slain it is very easy to remove these, and they can make this creature profitable to fight.

Max Experience
Level 17 - 59,010
Level 18 - 65,820
Level 19 - 58,400
Level 20 - 50,660
  Wisps are a magical creature found deep within the woodlands. Their origins are unknown; all that is known is that they have been reported as legends throughout history. They are ethereal beings, who are nothing more then a brilliant shining light, so bright that if looked at directly they can easily blind an aisling.

  It seems that they have some kind of territorial instinct, because they will attack any aisling who enters their land. Whether this is because they are aggressively natured, or just because they feel compelled to defend their territory from aislings is unknown, but the truth is that their attacks can be very damaging to anyone unfortunate enough to happen upon them. They use their magical powers to attack aislings with an unseen force. And though it appears nothing is happening, the aisling under attack can feel the pain and their life force being drained.

  Wisps are also effective wielders of more traditonal magic, and can cast mor and ard spells, as well as freezing their foes. Although the ones encountered early on don't show a very developed ability to wield magic, those in the deeper areas have magical abilities that are definitely to be feared.

Max Experience
Level 19 - 72,990
Level 20 - 64,575
  The Fae are found in only the very deepest regions of the woodlands, and two theories exist concerning their nature. One theory, held primarily by those who hunt here often, believe that the fae in these regions have been twisted by the same dark forces that have twisted the hobgoblins and Shriekers, and are therefore evil creatures. The other theory is that this is the last bastion of the fae, and their warriors fight to defend their people from any intruder.

  Theories set aside, the warriors of the fae are very powerful enemies. They dart around quickly, using their small but very refined blades, to slice their opponent apart. Though they are not extremely tough, they are very difficult to hit, giving them even greater survivability then the larger creatures of the woodlands. In addition they are masters of magic, and are not afraid to wield it against any comers.

  In general, these are creatures to be greatly feared. Whether or not they have peaceful intentions, they consider all who step in to their territory intruders, and will attack them on sight. Do not go wandering in to the domain of the fae, without a very strong group, unless you don't value your life.