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Max Experience
Levels 1-2 - 3,607
Level 3 - 4,817
  Frogs are among the many semi-aquatic creatures that make their home in the upper levels of the Piet Sewers. They are large compared to most frogs, and much more fierce.

  They are not very aggressive creatures, and will usually not bother anything that leaves them alone. Yet they posses slightly greater intelligence then the average frog and they find many ways of hurting unwary aislings. So though they are the weakest creatures to be found here, a young aisling should be careful when first attacking one.

  Frogs are obviously not known for the massive wealth they accumulate, but at times do find items that will be of interest to Aislings, these can be easily recovered when a frog is slain.

Max Experience
Levels 1-2 - 5,238
Level 3 - 6,858
Level 4 - 6,566
Level 5 - 9,029
  Crabs are one of many of the creatures that managed to crawl its way from the nearby ocean in to the tunnels under Piet. They are truly aquatic creatures, preferring to live in areas with substantive water supplies. The tunnels provide them with easy access to large areas of damp tunnel not far from their water holes, in which they can freely roam without fear of dehydration.

  Crabs are slightly tougher then Frogs, their hard shells providing them with greater protection and their claws being able to cause much greater damage. Yet they too are relatively weak creatures, and an aisling can usually walk amongst them without fear as long as he leaves them be.

Max Experience
Levels 1-2 - 6,739
Level 3 - 9,299
Level 4 - 9,180
Level 5 - 11,826
Level 6 - 10,865
Level 7 - 13,975
  The Anemones found in the tunnels of Piet have mutated from those found in the ocean. How exactly they found their way in to these tunnels is unknown, but those that survived seem to have slowly developed the ability to survive outside of the water and to maneuver rapidly to entangle their prey. They are much more dangerous then their water-locked brethren, and their plant like appearance often belies their true ferocity.

  They are more powerful then either the Frogs or the Crabs, and are the first truly powerful creature that most aislings will encounter in the tunnels. They seem to enjoy hunting aislings as a source of food, using their tentacles and poisonous venom to entangle and then kill an aisling, and then rending them apart with their vicious maw. They move very rapidly considering their growth, seemingly sliding along the ground like a fast moving slug or snail.

  Like the other creatures that have lived for such long period down in these tunnels, they seem to be imbued with some form of natural magical ability, and can wield spells that can devastate lower-insight aislings.

Max Experience
Level 4 - 12,247
Level 5 - 15,584
Level 6 - 15,471
Level 7 - 18,846
Level 8 - 16,243
Level 9 - 19,332
  Turtles are a well-known sight in Temuair, yet the larger breed that habituate areas of the Piet tunnel system are not the same harmless little creatures that we find near ponds and lakes. These massive turtles have thick armor-plated shells that deflect incoming swords like they were sticks, and massive jaws that can easily sever fingers and even entire limbs if an Aisling gets too close.

  Even their feet have become more dangerous, now mounting large claws that can slice right through light armor and flesh. It is best for young aislings to avoid these creatures if they can; though once an aisling is stronger they will find that the armored shell is not impossible to crack, and once broken through the turtle is nearly helpless.

  They rarely have anything of value, though sometimes items of a magic nature can turn up when one is slain.

Max Experience
Level 6 - 19,343
Level 7 - 23,490
Level 8 - 22,572
Level 9 - 26,649
Level 10 - 23,393
Level 11 - 27,065
  Brawlfish are a truly bizarre creature. They have apparently mutated, much like the anemones have, originating from fish that somehow migrated to the tunnel system from the ocean. Either through magical forces or natural selection these creatures grew lungs and adapted to the rigors of surviving on land. They now resemble snakes almost as much as they do fish, slithering around on the floor with the same familiar motion as a viper in the woods.

  Yet their method of combat is different, and though they have massive jaws filled with razor-like teeth, they are not capable of the snake's quick strike. Instead they use brute force, attacking with their jaws and massive horn.

  When first encountered on the 6th depth of the tunnel system, it is highly advised that an aisling be wary and test his strength against one carefully. Though it is possible to easily defeat them once more experienced, they are very capable of killing aislings who are not ready for them.

Max Experience
Level 8 - 28,026
Level 9 - 32,983
Level 10 - 31,050
Level 11 - 35,748
Level 12 - 30,996
Level 13 - 34,344
  Nearly every creature found within these tunnels is bizarre in one way or another; the Kraken is no exception. A legendary monster, for centuries it has been a great fear of sailors to run in to one of these while sailing on the Great Oceans of the world. Yet somehow a certain sub-breed have managed to work their way in to the lower-levels of these tunnels, making their home there.

  Like their ocean-brethren they attack by using their tentacles to lash out, trying to entangle their foe, and then drag them in toward the massive maw that lies underneath their body. Their beady eyes can be seen for long distances, as they watch their prey and begin to quickly move toward them, using their tentacles in a kind of running lope that is impossible to comprehend. These are creatures that must be feared by most aisling of Temuair, watch yourself when around them.

Max Experience
Level 10 - 38,320
Level 11 - 44,096
Level 12 - 39,771
Level 13 - 45,090
Level 14 - 38,772
Level 15 - 44,431
  One of the most bizarre creatures to be found in Temuair, the Gruesomefly is almost certainty created by some mad-wizard's experiment gone awry. They occupy many of the deepest depths of the tunnel system, where the air and ground have become less humid and therefore unable to sustain the nearly aquatic life found above. Down here the Gruesomefly swoops around carried aloft by two wings, very similar to those of the fae. Having no body, the two wings are simply attached to its skull-like head. It's only additional features are two antennae that protrude from the head, apparently to aid the Gruesomefly in finding prey.

  Needing no form of physical sustenance, this is a creature that stalks and kills out of sheer pleasure. It's grinning face haunts the minds of many aislings and other creatures that have been victims of its cruel games; often toying with their minds before swooping in for the kill. This is a dangerous creature, and shows no remorse or mercy. When encountered it is probably best to defeat it or run before it has a chance to start attacking with its teeth and magic.

Rock Cobblers
Max Experience
Level 12 - 50,252
Level 13 - 56,797
Level 14 - 50,760
Level 15 - 56,754
Level 16 - 48,406
Level 17 - 53,633
  The Rock Cobbler is a creature that seems related to the horses and cows of Temuair. Most likely through dark magic, they have been endowed with a thick armor shell unlike any other natural armor in the world, and massive hoofed feet that can easily trample any aisling who get in it's way. It lives only in the deepest areas of Piet's tunnel system, apparently enjoying the lack of sunlight, and needing little food or water to survive.

  In areas where these creatures dominate they are found to be extremely territorial, attacking anything that they feel is intruding upon them, this includes aislings. Further down they are not quite as aggressive, and will often let an aisling walk by without taking notice.

  These creatures are not inherently evil, and would prefer to live their life out in peace, yet they fight hard to defend what they feel is their land, and they do so well. Their armor-plated hides and stamping feet are a fearsome combination for all but the strongest of aislings to face without fear.

Max Experience
Level 14 - 38,772
Level 15 - 71,086
Level 16 - 64,395
Level 17 - 54,714
  No one is sure where the Gogs first originated. Some attribute it to work of the Dark Gods; others point to magical mutation, and experiments gone wrong. Whatever sparked their creation, there is no denying that these are almost certainty the most bizarre creatures to be found anywhere in Temuair.

  Massive and covered by purple ruddy skin they move around on three stumpy legs in a manner that seems almost impossible and hides their true maneuverability. They have two mouths, one at the end of their long prehensile tail, and the other occupying a huge cavity in the center of their body. There are no eyes nor any other sign of sensory systems, yet the Gog has no problem finding its way around and engaging other creatures in very deadly combat.

  These oddities are to be feared and avoided by all but the most powerful of aislings. They are easily the equal of the nefarious Succubus, and can swallow young aislings in a single bite of their massive maw.

Max Experience
Level 16 - 78,829
Level 17 - 69,741
  The deadliest creatures to be found in these tunnels, the Gremlin's appear to be distant cousins to the great Draco's and Dragons of ancient lore and legend. They are found only in the deepest levels of the Piet tunnel system, and seem to enjoy hunting Gogs and Rock Cobblers. If any aisling has ever fought either of the Gremlin's primary prey, they can probably imagine how powerful this creature must be to easily bring them down.

  They can move very rapidly on their two powerful hind legs, and seem to have a very cunning and keen intelligence, unlike any other creature found here. Once they close with their prey they use their clawed forearms to attack with, as well as their massive legs in both kick and jumping strikes.

  Yet neither of these forms of attack are as terrifying as the great beast's massive jaw. Once it gets close enough to its prey it begins lunging forward with its head, tearing huge chunks of meat off and breaking right through almost any form of armor. All aislings, even the most powerful, must beware of this creature. The only way to defeat it, is to work in a group of other equally powerful aislings.