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Max Experience
Level 1 - 100
Level 2 - 300
  The rat is the first monster any young Aisling is likely to encounter in Temuair. This is good because they are also the least dangerous. They are found in the first few levels of Mileth's Crypt.

  Rats are always passive until provoked. This means that any aisling can walk amongst them without fear, unless they are naive enough to attack one when they are not prepared to fight. Rats can bite back, so watch out.

  Rats are a good source of income for a young Aisling. When slain, they often leave behind small bits of rotting food lying around. While not very healthy for an Aisling, this food can be sold to Cian the Alchemist in Mileth for a tidy profit, anywhere from 30 to 250 gold pieces.

Max Experience
Level 1 - 220
Level 2 - 360
Level 3 - 1,220
Level 4 - 1,940
  Spiders are are the second most common creature in the early levels of the crypt. They are a bit more dangerous and powerful than rats, but overall a good monster to hunt.

  The majority of Spiders are passive. Ocassionally I have come across a hostile Spider, but it is rare. They are usually as safe as rats are.

  Aside from magic items deeper in the crypt, the only things spiders drop are spider's eyes, or spider's silk. This is why they are good for a young Aisling to hunt. These two items go for 500 gold and 1000 gold respectively from Dar the Wizard in Mileth.

Max Experience
Level 1 - 240
Level 2 - 460
Level 3 - 1,950
Level 4 - 3,250
Level 5 - 3,080
Level 6 - 4,460
  Centipedes are the first really dangerous creatures you will come across in the crypts. They are the most powerful creatures on the first level of the crypt, and they are also hostile, so they will hunt you down without being provoked. Once you get to the fifth depth of the crypt however they become docile, overshadowed by the more powerful creatures there.

  Centipedes are a bit of a toss up on whether to hunt or not. If looking for money, it can not be denied that the Centipede Gland they leave behind is worth a good 1100 gold to Dar, but it is also rare for centipedes to drop the coveted gland until much deeper in the crypt. Other times, centipedes will drop either the same moldy food rats like to leave behind, or nothing at all. Also note, the gland is something that is required as payment for many of the mundanes to teach an Aisling a skill, so it may be worth more than just money...

Max Experience
Level 3 - 2,660
Level 4 - 4,230
Level 5 - 4,850
Level 6 - 6,750
Level 7 - 6,440
Level 8 - 7,940
  Bats are first found on the third layer of the crypt, They are the most powerful creature of this depth, Be very wary, this is the first depth where the monsters are magical, and bats are especially fond of casting spells upon unsuspecting aislings. They are hostile, so will use spells upon you from far away, and without provocation or warning.

  As for treasure, bats often drop Bat's Wings. These go for 1250 gold pieces to Dar in Mileth. The deeper you go the more often this is dropped, so bats are a good creature to hunt. The third layer is the first in which monsters will often drop magical items and weapons, so keep an eye out for them. Any such items will need to be identified before being put in the bank.

Max Experience
Level 5 - 6,240
Level 6 - 8,610
Level 7 - 8,500
Level 8 - 11,475
Level 9 - 13,725
Level 10- 12,420
  Scorpions are first encountered on the fifth depth of the crypt. By the time you get this far you should know how to handle yourself well enough that they shouldn't pose too much of a threat, otherwise you had better learn how to run fast.

  Scorpions, although rarely relative to other monsters, drop Scorpion's Stings. These are also used to purchase a few different spells, or can be sold to Dar for 5000 gold pieces.

Great Bats
Max Experience
Level 7 - 11,360
Level 8 - 14,430
Level 9 - 13,725
Level 10 - 16,800
Levels 11-12 - 15,600
Levels 13-14 - 17,900
  Great Bats first appear on the seventh depth of the crypt. They seem to have much the same mannerisms as regular bats, but are much meaner. They won't hesitate to blast you with powerful spells, so they are one to watch out for.

  The treasure left behind by Great Bats is a good one. Great Bat's Wings can be sold to Dar for 7500 gold pieces.

Max Experience
Level 9 - 17,910
Level 10 - 21,750
Levels 11-12 - 20,900
Levels 13-14 - 23,900
Levels 15-16 - 21,000
Levels 17-18 - 25,060
  Chests are first encountered deep within the Crypt, and by this time one ought to have a reasonable idea of how to safely hunt. Yet do not underestimate their sharp and vicious fangs. Their favorite tactic is to try and sneak up on unassuming aislings, but the movements of these monsters is usually enough to make it clear that they are not friendly, yet an aisling who isn't watching may find themselves attacked by what they thought was a piece of furniture.

  Like most creatures this deep in the crypt, these chests often hold gold and items of a magical nature for any aisling who slays one to take for their own. Be careful though, the chests and other monsters below the 12th floor of the crypt will start using more powerful magic upon all unwary travelers. This magic includes elemental spells of mor strength, as well as sleep spells.

White Bat
Max Experience
Levels 11-12 - 22,950
Levels 13-14 - 30,540
Levels 15-16 - 28,750
Levels 17-18 - 33,100
Levels 19-20 - 27,960
Levels 21-22 - 31,800
  The White Bat is a species of bat that has been warped by the magical forces that can be found deep within the Crypt. These dark forces have twisted the bodies and minds of these creatures, turning many in to aggressive minded monsters that will attack any thing that is hapless enough to wander close by. Though the deeper you get this inclination to attack seems to lesson, they are none-the-less very powerful creatures.

  When they do attack, their magically endowed powers come in to full play. Their claws are incredibly sharp and they can swoop in and out of sword's reach very rapidly. Their nature has also imbued them with the ability to cast very damaging spells, and aislings must be extremely careful to try and avoid them. They can often be very difficult creatures to effectively combat.

  Yet it is often worth the effort, as they will drop more gold and magical items, in addition to the coveted White Bat's wing, which is needed for several special uses.

Max Experience
Levels 15-16 - 35,490
Levels 17-18 - 40,830
Levels 19-20 - 36,825
Levels 21-22 - 41,750
Levels 23-24 - 36,740
Levels 25-26 - 41,140
  The Kardi is a very unusual creature, one that we know very little about. It appears to be a small bird-like being that has no visible means of defense, yet they survive in some of the deepest and most dangerous levels of the crypt. Apparently when excited to the attack or defense, they are very tenacious. They have developed the ability to jump at other creatures with their wickedly sharp claws, and as they slash can rip and tear an aisling apart in moments. Their gentle appearance belies their truly destructive nature.

  It is also true that those that live very deep within the crypt, at the edge of their ability to survive, are endowed with even greater magical abilities. Rumors from the few aislings who are able to travel this deep report that the Kardis have been seen exercising the use of ard spells in their defense, this is a power even few aislings can wield. In addition, they have the natural ability to freeze aislings in place, making them unable to move or defend themselves until the ice thaws.

Max Experience
Levels 19-20 - 46,530
Levels 21-22 - 52,590
Levels 23-24 - 48,075
Levels 25-26 - 52,550
Levels 27-28 - 45,700
Levels 29-30 - 49,660
  These ghostly apparitions plague the lower depths of the Crypt. They are creatures of magic, and quite likely a byproduct of the dark magical power that emanates from the bottom of the crypt. Their ghostly appearance and ethereal nature often make them hard to spot in poorly lit areas, and they show no understanding of the concept of mercy. They will attack any trespassers, and often tear them to shreds before they have any chance of defending themselves.

  It is theorized that they may be servants of the Wraiths and Succubi which live even deeper in the crypt, and that they are used much like guard dogs to warn of an approaching "visitor" to their realm. This is supported by the fact that they are the only creatures that the Wraiths and Succubi allow to live in the areas that they both populate, and that at the very bottom of the crypt the Succubi and Wraiths keep the best Marauders for their defensive strength.

Max Experience
Levels 23-24 - 59,010
Levels 25-26 - 65,820
Levels 27-28 - 59,625
Levels 29-30 - 50,660
  Much can be said about these seductive horrors of darkness. Some believe them to the be ultimate beauty in existence, other believe them to be evil spirits determined to quell the existence of human life, but they are almost universally respected and feared as potent adversaries. Existing only on the deepest levels of the crypt, they can kill an aisling within seconds, using any number of possible means. They are physically strong, and more then capable of casting some of the most powerful magic in existence, and though their favorite tactic is to lure others in to lulled servitude with their unearthly beauty before killing them, they are just as capable of doing so in a stand up fight.

  Fear these creatures with your life, and if you see one summoned from their dark home, run as quickly as your feet can carry you. These are not creatures to be toyed with; one look from their eyes can kill a young aisling.

  If you are strong enough to fight and slay one, they sometimes drop the staff known as a Zeus. In addition it is sometimes possible to shave their heads of their hair, which then becomes a valuable item. Although it is of little use to the majority of aislings, the Gods require it for 99th insight aislings to ascend, and so it is a highly sought after item.

Max Experience
Levels 27-28 - 72,990
Levels 29-30 - 64,575
  Wraiths are the most fearsome creatures of the crypt. They are most certainty not of this world, and are likely servants of Sgrios or Chadul, bringing death to all who enter their domain. They wear thick robes that conceal their true nature but it is likely that they are much like the Marauders, ghostly and ethereal. The only thing that anyone can see are their bright eyes that burn through an aisling like a knife. Aislings can become bewitched, and as they stand there watching this creature of ultimate darkness, it will be readying its scythe to cut them down.

  These creatures are even more fearful and awesome then the Succubi, fear them with your life! Unless you are a very powerful aisling traveling in a strong group, run upon sight of one of these fearsome abombinations, otherwise it is extremely likely that you will lose your life. These are not creatures to be toyed with, and would take great pleasure in denying any aisling of their life, and bringing another one of their master's scars upon them.

Max Experience
Level 31 - ???
The Dragon
  The Legend of the Dragon is steeped in mystery. It sits at the bottom of the Crypt, encased in stone, and missing its head. Some believe that a Great Hero of ages ago used his magical abilities to turn the Dragon's skin to stone, and then removed the Dragon's head to ensure that it would never again awake. Other Legends point to the Headless Stone Dragon as a prophecy, believing that one-day it shall again awake to rule over Mileth and the surrounding area. The Legends are far too many to discuss here.