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Max Experience
Level 1 - 15,600
Level 2 - 18,500
  There are three basic types of creatures that occupy the Dungeon beneath Abel's beach. The first of these are the ground crawlers, creatures that slither along the ground with no arms or legs. The Leech is one of these, and although it is the least powerful creature in this dungeon they are still quite fearsome beasts, being more powerful then most Goblin Soldiers.

  These leeches are giant cousins to those that find their homes in the swamps and marshes of Temuair, and have grown massive armor plating over their soft bodies. This gives them much better protection, making them more difficult to slay, and giving them ample oppurtunity to drain their prey of its precious life-blood.

  Almost all of these creatures aggressively attack their prey once it they sense it, which can make them quite dangerous when an aisling is already fighting another beast. In addition, it is very important to remember when fighting these creatures that it's critical to avoid allowing their sucker-like jaw to take hold. If it is engaged it is extremely painful to remove, tearing the flesh of the victim and causing considerable damage.

  If exploring this dungeon be wary of these beasts on your first encounter; use reasonable caution. The simple appearance of these creatures belies their true strength, and unfortunately, like almost every other type of monster in this dungeon, they carry no gold and only rarely can an item be found in or around them.

Max Experience
Level 1 - 20,900
Level 2 - 24,675
Level 3 - 21,660
Level 4 - 25,060
  Glupes are a very strange creature, composed entirely of a blue jelly-like substance. Bearing no relation to any normal creatures they are most likely beings twisted or created by magical forces. The only apparent features on their body are their two large eyes, which are fully functional allowing the to easily spot and track any intruders.

  They are extremely adept at manipulating their body in to various shapes, using this technique not only to move, but also to form arm-like appendages for clubbing their opponents. These clubbing attacks can be very vicious; hitting with a strength that seems impossible for these creatures to exercise. In addition, their fluidic body allows many attacks to pass clear through them causing little or no damage to the actual creature. This can make wounding them extremely difficult.

  Overall the Glupe is a relatively dangerous creature, but after an aisling has learned to effectively fight them, they can be handily dealt with.

Max Experience
Levels 1 - 25,950
Level 2 - 30,540
Level 3 - 28,750
Level 4 - 33,100
Level 5 - 27,960
Level 6 - 32,600
  Slugs are much like the leeches, large versions of their more common cousins. These slugs slide along the ground, looking for almost anything to eat, including aislings. Although it seems difficult for these creatures to be very dangerous they are adept at launching physical attacks, often using their entire body to lunge in to their foe.

  Like most of the creatures in this dungeon they also can control the basic forces of magic, and some of the more developed slugs even wield the powerful magic of cradh, pramh, and mor spells of varying elements. These creatures are rather aggressive, and can be very dangerous in large groups. When on lower levels and fighting more powerful creatures, keep your eyes open for groups of slugs moving in to attack you from the side and rear.

Max Experience
Level 3 - 40,830
Level 4 - 40,830
Level 5 - 36,825
Level 6 - 42,800
Level 7 - 35,900
Level 8 - 41,140
  Spores are the first of the second type of creature, the floating pods. They resemble some form of fungus, floating around using magical energy, and defending themselves by launching clouds of thorn-like spores that can cut through flesh and armor.

  Exactly why they attack aislings is unknown, perhaps they feel a collective sense of territory and feel the need to repulse anything that they don't feel belongs there, or perhaps whatever magical energies created them imbued them with aggressiveness against other living creatures. Either way the spores are one of the most common creatures of the dungeon, and often make up the majority of the creatures that a hunting party will encounter.

  Like most creatures here, they do not collect gold, and only have very few items.

Max Experience
Level 5 - 46,530
Level 6 - 52,590
Level 7 - 47,000
Level 8 - 53,700
Level 9 - 45,760
Level 10 - 49,660
  Polyps are the second of the floating pods and they are nothing short of bizarre. Large yellow creatures that somewhat resemble floating jellyfish, they have a long tentacle that hangs down beneath their body. They use this stinging appendage to attack their prey, trying to entangle and stun them, allowing them to start slowly digesting the victim.

  Although they appear to lack any intelligence these creatures are still rather difficult foes, and on the deeper levels of the dungeon they can be lethal opponents for even extremely powerful aislings to battle.

Max Experience
Level 7 - 59,010
Level 8 - 58,400
Level 9 - 58,400
Level 10 - 50,660
  According to most reports these dwarves are descendants of the ancient Dwarven Empire, but dark magic has twisted them into foul beings of chaos and destruction. Their great strength, endurance, ability to wield magical forces and willingness to attack any aisling who happens their way support this theory. Yet at the same time, others point to the dwarves' willingness to craft powerful Iplet, Emerald, and Hy-Brasyl plate for high insight warriors as a sign that these are not evil beings, but simply dwarves trying to defend their home from surface dwellers.

  Either way these creatures are very good at defending themselves. The same massive builds that help them in mining allow them to wear armor and wield massive axes and picks that can easily penetrate most aisling's armor, making these dwarves among the most powerful foes for any aisling. But perhaps their most fearsome ability, is the power of suain, used to freeze an aisling in their tracks. Beware the power of suain, if not careful it will easily decimate an aisling party.

  Dwarves often carry large quantities of gold on them, as well as magical items that they have found while digging. If aislings are strong enough to fight them, they are among the most profitable of creatures in this dungeon to fight.

Dwarf Soldiers
Max Experience
Level 9 - 72,990
Level 10 - 64,575
  The largest and most powerful dwarves dedicate their lives to the defense of their brethren, and learn to wield incredibly massive axes that they swing with mighty blows over their head. In addition they wear heavier armor then the smaller dwarves, allowing them to take much more damage.

  Besides their amazing physical prowess they are adept at luring aislings in to traps, ambushing them with overwhelming force and using their fearsome magical and physical powers to incapacitate and then destroy.

  Using immensely powerful magic including suain, mor cradh, and ard spells, these Dwarves can halt an aisling group in its tracks, and descend upon it with axes and spells flying, ripping it apart before it even has a chance to defend itself.

  Beware these dwarves; they show no mercy and no compassion. They will kill without a second thought, and are far mightier then all but the most powerful aislings. Always approach them with caution and care.