The Eulogy


Black wings fluttered in the blue night
Even Glioca's warriors prayed for might
Dawn threatened to never come back
As the King's henchman put Yves to the rack
Children, cowards, and mundanes ran
While Dubhaimid destroyed as only they can
Aislings were ripped from their dreams
In battle, you could hear their dying screams
Many loves and lives were lost those days
Only brave Aislings stood to fight Chadul's ways
Out of the blackness that was the sky, a light broke
Within this ray of light, Goddess Danaan awoke
Soon, within Danaan's embrace Chadul was found
Humming a lullabye, the two fluttered to the ground
Aislings present lowered their heads and wept
For their lives, loves, and Goddess, who once again slept.
Rhianna Lightfoot in Dark Ages