Temuair Nights
by Mayukichan in Dark Ages
I woke up in my Mileth bed, 
With a smile bright and true.
I didn't yawn but I laughed instead.
In joy of a day beginning anew.
I skipped down the stairs while straightening out my blouse,
Riona was up and cleaning the house.
I smiled and said its a wonderful day!
She smiled and kindly said I was in the way.
So out of the house I was thrown!
On the yard I tumbled with my aching bones...!
I picked myself up and started for town,
That's where I knew my friends would be found.
I hopped and skipped like a little elf,
Singing a tune to myself.
I wish my blouse was a different color...
Poo,  I guess I'll have to get another. 
In Mileth town I walked,
People passed me as they talked.
I bent over to admire a hair band I held so dear.
While a few patrons did the same to my rear.
I continued to skip around town,
Phooey.  My friends were not around.
Poop.  Now I'm bored.
Maybe I'll look for a new sword!
I hopped and skipped like a little elf,
Singing a tune to myself.
I wish my sword was a little bigger,
And my armor a little thicker...
EEP!  It's too heavy for me!
My muscles hurt as I tried to lift the eppe.
Yes, okay...  I wield a stick.
I'm still a girl you don't wanna mess with!
The blacksmith laughed in jubilation,
As I grappled with his creation.
I lay there on the floor,
I could not move anymore.
I was exhausted after that,
I found a rock then I sat.
I watched people walk by me,
Enjoying the shade under a tree.
My day had gone sour,
Getting worse by each hour.
I rested my face on my hand,
My smile had definitely gone bland.
Just then a voice called out,
My heart skipped and I looked about.
A man stood before me,
Handsome and cute I could see...!
We ended up strolling through town,
Looking at trinkets and just hanging around.
He was quiet and shy,
This, he would show.
But did I like him? I couldn't lie.
But did he like me?  I had to know!
At the end of the day,
When all was done,
I wanted him to stay,
He was a lot of fun.
The sun was setting over the hill,
The sky was painted red and gold,
The two of us stood still,
Watching the night unfold.
A cool breeze blew,
It rustled against my reddish hair,
I shivered a little.  I was cold, and he knew.
So he drew me close to warm me with care.
I blushed a deep red,
I felt warm and mellow.
His touch was warmer than my bed,
And soft as a marshmallow...
We looked at the stars that night,
Watching them twinkle and shine,
Our eyes shimmered just as bright,
His hug grew tighter and so did mine.
But the day had been long,
And I was very tired.
My constitution was not strong.
And in his arms I retired.
I awoke the next day.
I was in my bed!
Where was that man from yesterday?
Phooey!  I slept like the dead!
I raced down the stairs,
I asked Riona about him,
She pointed to a chair.
On the chair rested a box, slim and thin.
I opened it and to my surprise,
A pure white blossom!
So pleasing to the eyes!
So elegant, with a beauty so awesome!
I turned to Riona and asked "Where did he go?"
She sadly said he didn't say.
My heart dropped and fell below.
I ran outside and to my dismay...
I realized I didn't know his name!
I never asked him,
Where he came.
I dropped to my knees,
Clutching the flowery Sevti.
I felt like I was stung by bees.
And my heart became heavy.
Now I watch the stars every night,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
See his eyes' shining light.
I know he is watching too.
The stars in the night.
Feelings pure and true.
Love shining bright.
So on a starry night,
Remember that special Aisling pure and true,
Make a wish that you might,
Have that Aisling there with you.