Temuair Timeline


Compiled from Seanchas Temuair and Speculations on Aosda


First Aeon of TemuairGnosis
Grinneal 1The first Grinneal
Second AeonMadness
Grinneal 9000?The discovery of Kadath. Discovery of the Earth-Sea Gods
Grinneal 9200?Entreaty of the Other Gods
Third AeonBliss
Grinneal 15000?Death of all those who knew of Kadath. Aosda civilization lost
Fourth AeonInnocence
Grinneal 22000?Mundane work with little progress
Fifth AeonDiscovery
Grinneal 26900?Discovery of the four elements. Re-discovery of Aosda civilization
Sixth AeonPurity
Grinneal 32092The appearance of the tuatha de danaan. The beginning of Danaan dating
Danaan 1The appearance of the tuatha de danann. The first magic. The first of elemental dance
Danaan 102The rise of Hy-brasyl. The world is dubbed 'Temuair' in the tuatha's tongue ("Earth-Sea")
Danaan 929The disappearance of Aosda
Danaan 1023The first unnatural death
Danaan 1089Chaining of Elements
Seventh AeonChaos
Danaan 1102The split of Hy-brasyl
Danaan 1398The first Priest. The first ill-star recorded
Danaan 1399Worship of Kadath. Worship of Temuairan Gods and Other Gods
Danaan 1409The first Wizard. The Elemental Wars
Danaan 1410Exodus of the wise
Danaan 1431The drowning of Hy-brasyl
Danaan 1501The first Warrior. Foundation of Finach (Mileth)
Danaan 1574Foundation of Sarnath (Gear Inbhir)
Danaan 1584Foundation of Niara
Eighth AeonDarkness
Danaan 1703Discovery of the Fifth Element: Darkness
Danaan 1705Appearance of the Dubhaimid
Danaan 1813Birth of Chadul. The decay of the Grinneal
Danaan 1815The wise return to worship of Danaan
Danaan 1980Great War of Danaan and Chadul. Ravage of Temuair
Danaan 1985Mortals slip into Chadul's realm. Appearance of Sgrios
Ninth AeonCivilzation
Danaan 2230The first Rogue. Temuair balkanized
Danaan 2421Tenes rises to power
Danaan 2435League of Darkness
Danaan 2468Pact of Anaman. League granted thousand year lifespan. The dead can now escape Chadul's realm
Danaan 2601Division of Temuair
Danaan 2626Beginning of the Dark Ages
Danaan 2871Ainmeal faces Tenes
Tenth AeonShadows
Danaan 2903Struggle for Loures
Danaan 2921Ainmeal conquers Tenes. First Emperor of Ardmagh
Danaan 2940Second Emperor
Danaan 2986Third Emperor: Loures conquers Undine
Danaan 2991The first Monk appears in Undine. Silent Rebellion of Undine
Danaan 3031Fourth Emperor: Ealagad
Danaan 3058Shadows War
Danaan 3113Deoch falls in love with Danaan, forsaking his servitude to Chadul
Danaan 3148Discovery of the sixth element: Light
Danaan 3171End of the Shadows War
Danaan 3177Lamps appear in towns
Danaan 3292Danaan sacrifices herself. The slumber. Beginning of Deoch dating
Deoch 1, SpringThe spark of Deoch. Deoch carries on the work of Danaan
Deoch 1, FallThe first Aisling. The Chaos Age
Deoch 2The Atavism Age
Deoch 4Shrines of Temuairan Gods restored
Deoch 5Aislings first take political power
Deoch 6, SummerAislings settle Rucesion
Deoch 6, FallThe Entreaty
Deoch 7, SpringThe Sacrifice
Deoch 7, FallThe Pact
Deoch 8, SummerThe Eulogy
Deoch 9, WinterThe Heart