Discovery of the Naddura Necklace

by Chamise DeMarco of Dark Ages

The Naddura Necklace is a intergal part of a wizards ensamble, yet many young apprentices knows not its rich history. Nor did I, I must confess until I came across

a ancient journal during routine research of the Fior or Elemental Node.

The text was faded and a bit un-intelligable but what I read was enough to intrique me. I set aside my reasearch and became engrossed in the translation of the ancient Asodic

text. The task of dechipering was ardious but throughly worth the effort. Following is the journal entries of a great man, I hope I've done his works proud.

For Deochs, Ackria my dearest chum and I have searched for a way of tapping into the elements, extracting them from raw materials. Many of our fellow wizards have declared us heretic and turned their backs upon us. But, I believe I've found it!...It!. And I must give all credit to my son for this break-through.

For weeks I've negleted my wife and family, so absorbed I've been in my work. I had hit a impasse, and like all good wives, my wife suggested a good supper and perhaps a Luathas mass. Luathas has never failed me when I needed some enlightment. The meal was wonderful, and my wife again proved herself wiser than myself, when at mass I was about to chide my son Seddy for fidgeting, I noticed at which he played. He was amusing himself with a magnet. Crikey! That was it, a magnet! The solution to my quandry. I hastily kissed my wife, hugged my son till he groaned then went off in search of Ackria. I found him in the back pew, grabbed his sleeve as I sped past and near dragged him back to the workshop. As he adjusted his robes from the break neck pace I had set, I told him of Seddy and that wonderous magnet. It only took Ackria a moment to know which way my mind was traveling, and we embraced as old friends do, and set to work.

Many of our experiments failed, but we were undaunted. We tried raw talgonite for is iron content to no success. We traveled into dangerous territory to extract a calling stone from the earth of Pravat, for its magical essence that the Goblins and Grimlock fight so hard to posses. We even went so far as to purchase a valuable piece of Hy-brasyl from a very shrewd rogue. But I was willing to pay any price for this experiment. We gathered any metals we could get our hands on.

After weeks, nothing..nothing! All our experiments proved useless. I needed to think, to ease my mind and sort out my thoughts. Luathas will help was my thought as I rose and stretched, my intent to walk to Rucesion and into the soothing temple. A occupational hazard of a wizard is their robe sleeves, and mine did not fail me as it caught upon the corner of the work table and jumbled its contents.

The Talgonite tumbled towards the Calling stone, which inturn rolled towards the piece of expensive Hy-brasyl. They clinked into each other, then seemed to push off of each other into a triangle pattern. A low hum emitted, and as I leaned a ear closer to hear I noticed that the candle upon the table seems to burn a

bit brighter. I'm imagining things, I thought but I couldnt resist moving the rocks closer to the candle one at

a time, but as I seperated them the humming stopped.

I scratched my chin and replaced the stones in their triangle patter, once again the humming started. I must have shouted out loud, because my dear chum toppled from his stool. His eyes widened to saucers as I slid the triangle patterned metals towards the taper. The closer they drew, the louder the hum grew. And that flame, heeding the sound grew in brilliance till it burst plunging us into darkness. Ackria whooped, and we danced a giddy jig, we knew we were on to something.

We knew what it had done to the flame, but our next question was would it work for other elements. I had Ackria place the metals upon my flat palms in their triangle patter. The power of it pulsed and tingled my skin. Being a Sal wizard, my power comes from water. So I stepped towards my well, the metals hummed and the water within answered with a gurgle and a sudden burst. It was heady! I felt infused with will and power. It had worked! I knew Ackria was dying to try it, him being a athar wizard. I settled the metals into his eager palm, and he stepped lightly about the yard, not sure what to expect. I jumped as I watched the clouds seem to open upon him, a fury of wind whipping his robes and hair about. We were elated! I dont think we left a stray mouse alive that night, we were like children playing with a new toy. But it did bring us to another problem. Having to hold the metals in their triangle pattern was awkward, and to keep them in our pockets was a bit heavy. We were speaking of a solution when a rogue happened to over-hear our conversation and provided a solution. Jewelry. Perhaps if we melted down these metals and conjoined them, it would lighten the weight and keep a wizards hands free for casting.

We traveled to Soumi, the best gemsmith in the land and told him what we wanted. We scrapped many a handsome piece of jewelry. Rings, bracelets and amulets all became lovely baubles for my wife. I scratched my chin, then looked to my palm. Now what about this apendiage could create such magic? I pictured those metals set in their pattern upon my palm, and it came to me. Deep within ones palm or the center I should say, is a heart. The one the fortune tellers like to claim is your "love line". Maybe the fourth piece to this puzzle was the heart? But the amulet, touched the heart and the metals didnt sing. I scratched my chin and sighed as I tried to answer, un-asked questions. I watched my neighbor toiling in the garden and smiled. He puts so much love and effort into his garden I thought. Thats it! what I was missing was strenght! I grabbed my notepad and sketched out my version of a necklace. But I knew its specifications. Strenght comes from the back and shoulders, so I made the width wide enough to touch

the collar-bone, but yet the center must dip down the sternum to reach the essence of our beings..the heart. I near ran as fast as my feet could carry me to Soumi, breathless and handing over the terrible sketch to the gemsmith....

The rest of the journal page was torn, but no more translation was needed because as they say, "The rest is History"