My mundane life

I was born in the town of Piet, the only child of Terrance and Morana Gilmour. My father assists Gunnar in the smithing of excellent weapons, Gunnar and my mother helps Saskia at the Piet inn, tending to guests there when Saskia needs a bit of time off. Saskia

Growing up in the town of Ceannlaidir's shrine, I met many warriors who came to worship. When they visited the inn or the weaponsmith, I would listen to their tales of battle and bravery. They told of their faith in Ceannlaidir, how he gave them strength to continue in the fiercest battles, how he watched over them. I marveled at the power of this mighty god and his birth out of the primordial fire.

The shrine in those days was not as you will find it if you visit Piet today. There was no temple to go in, just a statue of Ceannlaidir standing where his temple stands today. There was no priest to conduct worship services. Worshippers would gather around the statue of Ceannlaidir and join in prayer. Often, offerings of weapons or the spoils of the hunt were presented. I used to sneak up and listen during worship, wishing that I, too, could be touched by Ceannlaidir. "Oh, Ceannlaidir," I prayed, "if only I were worthy enough to worship you fully."

The warriors who would visit seemed to enjoy the company of the girl who thrilled in their stories of battle. I would tag after them as they went off to fight in the sewers of Piet, Piet Sewers wishing that I could go along.

Years went by. We were shocked by Danaan's sacrifice and mystified when hearing about "Aislings" who had received Deoch's spark. We adjusted to our new Deoch calendar, with year 1 being the year of Danaan's sacrifice and the birth of the first Aisling.

Little by little, Aislings found their way to Piet and I got to know some of them. They had a light in their eyes unlike anything I had seen before. How I envied them!

In Deoch 4, we heard that throughout Temuair, worshippers were gathering to restore the shrines of the gods. A large group of Ceannlaidir's worshippers arrived in Piet and began building a temple devoted to him. I helped where I could and ran errands into town when someone needed something.

Soon the temple was complete. I visited it daily. Erika, Erika the attendant in the shrine, and I became fast friends. We would work together cleaning the temple, polishing the weapons, and sharing tales of adventure we had heard. Erika and I both dreamed about what the life of an Aisling must be like, knowing that such was not ours. We watched as Aislings from far and near came to Piet to pray. Ceannlaidir gave his oath to devout Aisling priests and they began conducting worship services. I attended the services, but always stayed quietly on the side, offering my prayers to Ceannlaidir.

One night in the winter of Deoch 5, after a particularly moving worship service, I stayed in the temple, praying for hours. "Ceannlaidir, show me the way that I might best serve you. I know that I am mundane and not worthy of your attention. Still I pray that one day I shall be able to serve you fully." Did I really hear it, or was it the wishful longing of a devout worshipper? A voice, small and still inside my head, yet full of such power that I shuddered. "It is time," the voice said. I know not what happened in that moment - I felt as though some strong and powerful force had touched me. I felt something inside of me begin to tingle, and I knew that I would never be the same again.

"Time?" I wondered, "time for what?" I went home in wonder, feeling that something was about to happen. I kissed my parents goodnight, clinging to them for a bit before going up to my room. "I love you mother, I love you father.... Goodnight...."

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